Gap­ing hole cov­ered after months

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KATHY ABEL­SON WRITES: I live in Dun­robin Street, Sy­den­ham, and have a prob­lem out­side my house.

I re­ally hope you can help me as I am com­ing to you in ab­so­lute des­per­a­tion. I had a main wa­ter valve on the pave­ment out­side my house that was leak­ing. As a con­cerned cit­i­zen, I called Joburg Wa­ter and re­ported this on April 22.

They came to fix it quite timeously and I was so im­pressed as peo­ple are al­ways com­plain­ing about ser­vice de­liv­ery. A few days later, it started leak­ing again and I called on May 8.

Again, they came quite quickly and I was again a happy ratepayer. Well, that is when my night­mare re­ally be­gan. I re­ported it again on May 25 and they came for the third time, and, for the third time, it started leak­ing. I called on June 19 and this time, they dug up my pave­ment, re­placed the valve and tied some tape around it to show the hole which, of course, can eas­ily be seen with the naked eye.

I then called on July 3 to en­quire when ex­actly this job was to be fin­ished and the hole cov­ered.

I called again on July 10 and again, noth­ing hap­pened. I called again on July 14 and was promised it would be re­paired by July 18. This did not hap­pen. I called again many, many times with no suc­cess.

At one stage, dur­ing this fi­asco, a truck came from the Wa­ter Depart­ment, re­moved the loose bricks and some soil, and drove off.

What I am left with is a big hole on the pave­ment which still has wa­ter leak­ing from the new valve, and which now has stag­nant wa­ter and rub­bish dropped by passers-by.

Please help us. I have a beau­ti­ful gar­den out­side my house – which my son, who is a land­scape gar­dener, did for me – and I have now been left with this un­sightly and un­healthy mess on the pave­ment and in my gar­den.

ABEL­SON WRITES AGAIN: Fi­nally, I can tell you that this has been re­paired – tar, curb­stone and all. Quite a patchy job, but I am most grate­ful that you man­aged to sort this out.

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