Trump has gone too far

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AMER­I­CAN Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump has wasted no time in im­ple­ment­ing some of the rad­i­cal changes he promised dur­ing his cam­paign for the world’s top job. And it’s fright­en­ing. Barely a week in of­fice, Trump has in­di­cated his threat to build a wall be­tween the US and Mex­ico was not just cam­paign talk and has made true his threat to ban Mus­lims by is­su­ing an or­der lim­it­ing im­mi­gra­tion from sev­eral Mus­lim coun­tries.

The move has shocked the world and caused panic among friends and fam­i­lies of Mus­lims al­ready in the US and those wish­ing to join their fam­i­lies there. Yesterday, re­ports said some air­lines were al­ready stop­ping Mus­lims from board­ing planes to the US fol­low­ing Trump’s ban.

The Arab-Amer­i­can Anti Dis­crim­i­na­tion Com­mit­tee said some Mus­lims who had al­ready ar­rived in US air­ports had been turned away to their places of ori­gin, cre­at­ing fear and con­fu­sion. The ADC also claimed visas were be­ing de­nied, im­me­di­ately, and that even those with green cards were be­ing blocked from board­ing planes to the US.

The world is wak­ing up to the re­al­i­ties of hav­ing a lu­natic in the White House. Trump’s four years as US pres­i­dent will change the world as we know it – for the worst. That’s if he lasts a full term.

Just a week in of­fice, Trump has un­done the US’s legacy of democ­racy and re­li­gious sec­u­lar­ism, fur­ther putting his coun­try on a col­li­sion course with the broader Mus­lim world. His prom­ise to stamp out ter­ror­ism is wel­come, but tar­get­ing all Mus­lims won’t help this bat­tle. If any­thing, it will aid groups such as Isis, whose stance against Amer­ica will fur­ther har­den. Trump is play­ing into the hands of the ex­trem­ists with his reck­less ac­tions.

We hope that world lead­ers will not sit and watch while Trump con­tin­ues in his path to de­stroy the world. They must rein him in now rather than later.

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