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COULD some­one please in­form the con­vo­ca­tion of Stel­len­bosch Univer­sity (SU) that this is 2017 and not 1976.

Their in­ten­tion to chal­lenge the de­ci­sion of SU that the medium of in­struc­tion at that univer­sity be English is tak­ing us back to the dark days.

Like all pub­lic in­sti­tu­tions in the land, SU is funded and sub­sidised by the taxes of all South Africans, and not just the Afrikaans-speak­ing ones. Thus, no im­ped­i­ments (such as lan­guage of tu­ition) should be put in place to limit ac­cess to SU.

Their spe­cious ar­gu­ment that Afrikaans is be­ing marginalised has no truth in it. If they care to look at facts with un­jaun­diced eyes, they will see that Afrikaans en­joys the same pro­tec­tion as any other lan­guage in South Africa. In fact, even to this day Afrikaans holds a higher sta­tus than any of the in­dige­nous lan­guages.

If the con­vo­ca­tion of SU wishes to have a univer­sity where their lan­guage will reign supreme, they should start a pri­vate univer­sity. I’m sure Carel Boshoff IV would hap­pily give them a piece of land in Ora­nia.

There they can fly the old flag and ap­point that vile crooner who likes to sing Die Stem at his con­certs to be the chan­cel­lor.

It is a good thing the younger gen­er­a­tion of Afrikaans-speak­ing South Africans do not have a chip on their shoul­ders re­gard­ing their lan­guage.

Al­though they love it and are proud of it, they do not see the need to be di­vi­sive by shout­ing and froth­ing at the mouth de­mand­ing that their lan­guage be granted spe­cial priv­i­leges.

Apro­pos of lan­guage pol­icy, I strongly con­demn the de­ci­sion by the Univer­sity of KwaZulu-Na­tal that all stu­dents be forced to take a mod­ule in Zulu. That is as abom­inable and un­help­ful as what the con­vo­ca­tion of SU is do­ing.

Shame on the Min­istry of Education that it did not op­pose this, be­cause surely if, say, the Univer­sity of Free State had de­cided that all their stu­dents should take an Afrikaans mod­ule, the com­mu­nist in charge of Higher Education would have been up in arms. Gars­fontein, Pre­to­ria

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