Zuma to blame for ills be­set­ting SA

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AF­TER read­ing of the mur­der of a man (and his cat) who lived less than a kilo­me­tre from my home:

ZUMA, you are not my pres­i­dent. You are de­stroy­ing the very fab­ric of our so­ci­ety. I’m not talk­ing about the cor­rup­tion, theft, de­ceit and the ab­so­lute lack of ubuntu or lead­er­ship you show South Africans. Your dis­re­spect and lack of hon­our has led to some­thing far more in­sid­i­ous. You have in­stilled in us a sense of en­ti­tle­ment; the right to have ev­ery­thing for noth­ing. To be re­warded for no ef­fort. To take what we want with no con­se­quences. To dis­re­spect the law, po­lice and women. And if we aren’t given what we want, we take it – vi­o­lently.

Your ex­am­ple has cas­caded down through so­ci­ety while you chor­tle and guf­faw your way through the may­hem and the mur­ders I blame you for.

An­other el­derly res­i­dent was mur­dered. Not sat­is­fied with smash­ing his head, even though he was tied up, they killed his cat too. His cat was his com­pan­ion and fam­ily.

I don’t think you are ca­pa­ble of the emo­tions re­quired to un­der­stand the malev­o­lence of this small, ex­tra and un­nec­es­sary mur­der. It is in­dica­tive of the sav­agery and cru­elty that is ex­plod­ing in South Africa.

You are to blame for this bru­tal­ity and the in­crease in mal­ice and spite. This old man is the sec­ond in the same sub­urb to be mur­dered in less than a year. The un­der­funded, poorly trained, over­whelmed and un­mo­ti­vated po­lice haven’t caught any­one. It took them sev­eral hours to go to the house which was a walk­ing dis­tance from the po­lice sta­tion. I blame you for this.

In this same week we bury a leg­endary slayer of mon­sters, Piet Byleveld. In a coun­try where mon­sters are run­ning amok we needed him. We need more mon­ster-slay­ers. We need more good men. Evil dances among us. Peo­ple are killed for their shoes or cell­phones; be­cause a woman dis­pleased a man, or a child was not un­der con­stant su­per­vi­sion. Vi­o­lence is a quick and easy an­swer and one that sel­dom bears any form of reper­cus­sion. No con­se­quences? I blame you for this.

I’m over­whelmed by what you have cre­ated – you have run the coun­try into the ground, fi­nan­cially and morally. The di­vi­sion you sow among races when you trot out that tired, yet in­creas­ingly easy to sell ex­cuse that racism or apartheid is to blame.

Don’t for­get the Western pow­ers, a Third Force, any­one and any­thing as long as it is not you. How then can you have cit­i­zens who hold them­selves to a higher stan­dard of be­hav­iour? I blame you for this.

An­other old man has been mur­dered. His cat too; the lat­ter per­haps in­signif­i­cant to some, but telling to many. And I con­tinue to be amazed that we have a pres­i­dent who can walk up­right with­out a spine and find his way to Dubai with­out a moral com­pass. Per­haps he can do it be­cause he sold out South Africa. Morn­ing­side, Sand­ton


UNITED IN ANGER: Pro­test­ers of di­verse races, re­li­gions and ages from across South Africa march­ing against Pres­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma in protest over the ax­ing of for­mer fi­nance min­is­ter Pravin Gord­han.

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