Don’t ruin your life with drugs

The Star Early Edition - - WORLD - Miye­lani Hlung­wani

WHAT went wrong with our youth? Who con­vinced you that drug abuse is the only so­lu­tion that can as­sist you to run away from trou­bles and prob­lems? Let me tell you, drugs like Nyaope do not help any­one, but lead you into more trou­ble and a mis­er­able life­style or death within a short time.

There are a lot of young men and girls who are without a fu­ture be­cause of Nyaope and we don’t learn from them to seek a bet­ter way of liv­ing. .

Never fool your­self that when you are un­der the in­flu­ence of sub­stances you feel bet­ter and you don’t have stress. Never take Nyaope in a bid to re­lieve stress be­cause stress will pre­vail un­til you come up with bet­ter and use­ful strate­gies to tackle it. Con­sult el­ders and they will surely help you.

Build­ing bet­ter com­mu­ni­ties starts with us. Let’s stop dis­ap­point­ing up­com­ing gen­er­a­tions who are look­ing for role models. How will you feel if a 10 year-old child sees you dis­or­gan­ised due to Nyaope?

The gov­ern­ment is try­ing to pro­mote drug abuse aware­ness but it falls on deaf ears.

Why do we al­low Nyaope to spread in our com­mu­ni­ties? In Mukhomi Vil­lage, at al­most ev­ery street cor­ner, there are groups of young Nyaope smok­ers. Let’s stop ig­nor­ing those who love us and know bet­ter.

My worry is that once you be­come an addict of drugs, if you are a girl, you will start to sleep with men to get money to buy drugs. Boys get in­volved in crimes such as break­ing into houses and steal­ing cell­phones, to gen­er­ate money. Nyaope can force you to quit school.

Ac­cord­ing to the Drugs and Drug Traf­fick­ing Act, Nyaope is il­le­gal, and if you are found in pos­ses­sion of it, you can go to jail for 15 years. Mukhomi Vil­lage

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