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“Re­lease your hand-break and get out of your park gear! The longer you park in­side of your com­fort zone, the greater the price you will have to pay…Com­fort will cost you your great­ness. Only you can move out of your com­fort zone be­cause only you will know when you have over-stayed in it. If you choose to never leave it, you will be choos­ing to for­ever re­main where you cur­rently are.”

There are so many rea­sons why we may find our­selves “stuck” or “parked”. We may not al­ways re­alise that we are stuck or parked be­cause we con­fuse our busy­ness in all of our roles with ac­tion and yet our busy­ness can be pure ac­tiv­ity in­side of a com­fort zone. We may fear leav­ing a cur­rent com­fort zone be­cause of what hap­pened the last time we did so…Did you not grow as a re­sult of it? Liv­ing life look­ing through a rear view mir­ror with­holds us from fo­cussing for­ward. Our pre-oc­cu­pa­tion with our past keeps us stuck. Choose to draw only the lessons from the past. You can­not find present so­lu­tions to past chal­lenges. You can­not change your past, you can change your script about it by chang­ing your per­spec­tive on it! Don’t let your past keep you parked.

Get un-stuck! You are the sole Driver of your Destiny. Be sure to not as­sume “pas­sen­ger sta­tus” while do­ing so. You may think you are leav­ing your com­fort zone but you may be en­ter­ing some­one else’s as a pas­sen­ger. Only you will know the di­rec­tion in which you must to­wards your Destiny with­out get­ting lost. As­sume 100% re­spon­si­bil­ity for where you want to go in Life and who you want to be­come while jour­ney­ing. Iden­tify the faulty be­liefs and self-sab­o­tag­ing pat­terns that keep you stuck. You are the cre­ator of your for­ward mo­men­tum. Your thoughts, feel­ings and ac­tions can cre­ate your move­ment or pre­vent it. To go where you have not been be­fore would im­ply you need to do some­thing you have not done be­fore! Step out of your com­fort zone and step up to a newer stan­dard, a bet­ter op­por­tu­nity or a big­ger, bet­ter dream.

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