Woman seeks an­swers from col­leagues af­ter be­ing axed from firm

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A JOBURG woman has ac­cused her for­mer col­leagues of fraud and wrong­ful dis­missal af­ter they al­legedly cheated her of their joint ten­der pro­ceeds.

Ma­bel Mkha­sibe, 54, wants an­swers from her for­mer col­leagues af­ter she didn’t get a share from the R250 000 ten­der awarded to the com­pany she co-owned with them.

Mkha­sibe was a trea­surer at Ithem­balethu Waste Man­age­ment and In­dus­trial Clean­ing Pri­mary Co-op­er­a­tive Limited.

She said Hen­drick Gomba, who was a chair­per­son at Ithem­balethu Waste Man­age­ment, fired her and never gave her the re­main­ing money that they were all sup­posed to share.

Mkha­sibe said that on Novem­ber 18, 2016, Gomba con­ducted a meet­ing with all of them, claim­ing that she (Mkha­sibe) must hand over the bank card that be­longed to the com­pany. He said that ac­cord­ing to the law, she was not sup­posed to be in pos­ses­sion of the card, but could only know the PIN.

She then handed the bank card over to Gomba.

She added that she went to the bank the fol­low­ing day to change the PIN to the com­pany’s card as she felt that some­thing was strange.

Mkha­sibe be­came even more sus­pi­cious when Gomba did not re­turn her calls and changed his res­i­den­tial ad­dress.

As she was the trea­surer, all the doc­u­ments came to her, and it was then she saw that the money was paid into the com­pany’s bank ac­count.

She then went to the Depart­ment of Trade and In­dus­try (DTI) in Pre­to­ria, where they had reg­is­tered their com­pany, to en­quire about the money in the com­pany’s bank ac­count.

She was, how­ever, told she was no longer an em­ployee of the com­pany and had been re­moved from all its doc­u­ments.

“I didn’t know that I was fired. I had to learn that through doc­u­ments as I was try­ing to fig­ure out what was hap­pen­ing with the fi­nances of the com­pany,” said Mkha­sibe.

She ac­cuses Gomba of go­ing to the bank with doc­u­ments and claim­ing she was no longer part of the com­pany and shouldn’t have any ac­cess to the bank ac­count.

Af­ter learn­ing that she had been fired with­out any for­mal pro­ce­dures and had no ac­cess to the ac­count, she opened a fraud case against Gomba.

Gomba told The Star that Mkha­sibe was a “ter­ri­ble” trea­surer as she had mis­used the com­pany’s money for her per­sonal needs.

“We had to do some­thing. We asked for ad­vice be­cause cer­tain mem­bers were not ac­tive in the group, and that’s how they were re­moved from the com­pany,” said Gomba.

How­ever, Gomba said Ithem­balethu Waste Man­age­ment mem­bers were sup­posed to open a fraud case against Mkha­sibe, not the other way around.

He added they were ad­vised by the DTI that if they had a quar­rel, they should vote.

“We voted for her to be out of the com­pany. We have a writ­ten state­ment and an af­fi­davit show­ing why we did that,” he said.

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