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“I still think you should ask Wendy out,” I told Cy the Cynic. “You never know; she might end up car­ry­ing a torch for you.” Cy, a chau­vin­ist, and Wendy, my club’s fem­i­nist, are for­ever at odds. “If she ever car­ried a torch for me,” Cy growled, “she would have a gas can in her other hand.” Cy and Wendy were to­day’s East-West, and she led the eight of hearts against 3NT: ten from dummy, queen from the Cynic. Cy re­turned a heart to the ace. South next led a di­a­mond, but when Wendy took the ace, she had no more hearts. South lost to Cy’s king of di­a­monds and made his game, and Wendy made some com­ments about Cy’s de­fense that were, let us say, in­flam­ma­tory. The de­fense ig­nited when Cy won the first heart. The bid­ding marks South with J-x-x-x, so two North dealer N-S vul­ner­a­ble You hold: A K J A 10 J 10 7 5 2 K Q 5. As the dealer, to­day’s North opened one di­a­mond with this hand. Do you agree with that ac­tion?

North had a bal­anced 18 points, but even if I were play­ing a 1NT range of 16 to 18 points, I would up­grade the hand and open one di­a­mond, in­tend­ing to jump to 2NT over a ma­jor-suit re­sponse. The hand con­tains a five-card suit, two tens and mostly prime val­ues. It is worth more than its high-card count sug­gests.

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