In­quest a painful mir­ror

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THE GRIM rev­e­la­tions emerg­ing from the new Ahmed Ti­mol in­quest are a painful and sor­row­ful mir­ror into our hideous and sor­did past. Us­ing tor­ture as a po­lit­i­cal weapon is an af­front to any civil­i­sa­tion.

The In­ter­na­tional Com­mit­tee of The Red Cross de­fines tor­ture as an ex­is­tence of a spe­cific pur­pose plus in­flic­tion of se­vere pain or suf­fer­ing, cruel or in­hu­man treat­ment for no spe­cific pur­pose.

What brand of bru­tal in­hu­man­ity could ever pos­sess the killers of Ahmed Ti­mol and 100 other cadres so deeply that they could mur­der so many hu­man be­ings with­out any com­punc­tion? They were a special brand of beasts pro­grammed and trained to oblit­er­ate any form of dis­sent.We must loudly pro­claim “never again”.

Our hard-won democ­racy must never ever al­low tor­ture as a po­lit­i­cal weapon. No fewer than 100 cadres were mur­dered by the apartheid se­cu­rity es­tab­lish­ment.

Never were the peo­ple of our land so united, so brave, so strong, so wor­thy of free­dom, so cer­tain of free­dom that they poured out their trea­sured lives in help­ing us at­tain free­dom and lib­erty. They un­shack­led our chains and res­cued us from bondage.

We must re­main vig­i­lant to re­tain our rights and our free­dom. They are truly price­less. Our free­dom was not free and is not free.Thou­sands of brave souls gave their lives in the strug­gle against apartheid, which was a crime against hu­man­ity.

Our free­dom is the re­sult of a long and hard strug­gle by mar­tyrs. Lib­erty has her mar­tyrs now, and with her mar­tyrs lib­erty is safe. Although we shall never ever bow be­fore the shrine of in­tol­er­ance, we will for­give our en­e­mies, but we will never for­get their names.

We shall never again lack loy­alty, never again think lightly of our sa­cred free­dom. Never again will we yield our rights to despots. Never again will we al­low racism to take con­trol of our des­tiny.

Eter­nal vig­i­lance is the price of safe­guard­ing our free­dom. Benoni

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