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What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween a woman who trans­forms her life and the one who lan­guishes in her bor­ing, burnt-out rut? What makes one per­son shed three kilo­grams while another re­mains a fully paidup mem­ber of the baggy sweat­shirt bri­gade? The an­swer – like it or not – is mo­ti­va­tion. If you’re mo­ti­vated, you re­ally can do pretty well any­thing – from find­ing love to learn­ing a new lan­guage; from get­ting fit to start­ing a new busi­ness.

In­ter­est­ingly, it seems some of us have a fly­ing start in the mo­ti­va­tion stakes. “Some peo­ple have the for­tune to be in­spired by go-get­ting par­ents or teach­ers,” says per­sonal de­vel­op­ment trainer Gael Lin­den­field, and au­thor of Self Mo­ti­va­tion. “Oth­ers were born with a ‘sil­ver spoon’ and luck has given them such an easy pas­sage through life that they have no rea­son to be­lieve that they can’t have what they want and need.”

But the good news is that we can all learn lessons from those lucky go-get­ters. You don’t need to bully your­self. This eight-point plan should give you the push you need to achieve your wildest dreams.


So you want to change your en­tire life, ev­ery last bit of it; right now; this very minute? Sorry, but that’s a recipe for dis­as­ter. In­stead start with one goal. Psy­chol­o­gist Philippa Davies, au­thor of Get Up and Grow sug­gests you ask your­self: What is it ex­actly that I want to do? How long will it take? What specif­i­cally will I achieve at the end? How will I know I’ve achieved it?

So, in­stead of “I want to be thin,” try, “I want to lose 4kg” and work out the pre­cise ef­fects it’ll have. Along­side this, take a large sheet of paper and stick images onto it that rep­re­sent what you want to achieve. Put a pic­ture of your­self in the mid­dle and add some en­cour­ag­ing words or phrases. Images talk di­rectly to the sub­con­scious and so have a mar­vel­lous way of sub­tly mo­ti­vat­ing you.


Clut­ter mud­dles the mind – sub­con­sciously we’re al­ways wor­ry­ing about what hasn’t been done. So have

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