Sex – How good are you?

Take our test to find out where your tal­ents lie be­tween the sheets.

True Love - - News - By BECKY FLETCHER

A new iPhone app that prom­ises to rate your per­for­mance in bed has just been re­leased. Amaz­ing, we thought – af­ter all, doesn’t every­one worry about how they mea­sure up be­tween the sheets? But the app, which uses sound and mo­tion sen­sors to rate its user’s per­for­mance, has been widely slated for its in­ac­cu­racy. Not so amaz­ing, then. So, if you re­ally want to know your strengths and weak­nesses in bed, put down your phone, pick up a pen and take our test. This is not an or­di­nary quiz: ex­pect an in-depth anal­y­sis of what type of per­son you are. A stands for Ad­ven­tur­ous, C is for Con­nect, D is Dom­i­nate, G is a Giver and W is for Worry. Which one are you?

How of­ten do you have sex?

C. A lot when I’m in a re­la­tion­ship W. I have no idea re­ally – I can take it or leave it A. As of­ten as pos­si­ble D. Two to four times a week G. It de­pends on the sex drive of the man I’m in bed with

When you’re about to have sex, how do you usu­ally get un­dressed?

G. I al­ways fol­low his lead W. I al­ways turn off the lights, get un­der the covers quickly, then take off my clothes A. I per­form a strip­tease C. We slowly un­dress each other while we’re kiss­ing D. We un­dress our­selves and then get down to it

Do you feel sexy?

C. Yes, when I’m in the mo­ment G. Some­times – and when I don’t, I try to fake it W. About as sexy as a big man in a pair of shorts D. Only when I’m in con­trol A. I’msex­on­legs What po­si­tion are you most likely to do it in? W. Mis­sion­ary A. Ev­ery time is dif­fer­ent, but it’s un­likely to be just one. I like to try lots of dif­fer­ent po­si­tions C. One where we can eas­ily make eye con­tact D. Me on top G. Doggy style – men love that

How do you feel if your part­ner sug­gests you try some­thing new?

D. In­sulted W. Pet­ri­fied A. Ex­cited C. In­trigued G. Un­cer­tain

What’s run­ning through your mind while you’re hav­ing sex? W. ‘Do I look fat?’

A. Thoughts? Se­ri­ously? I’m too busy hav­ing the time of my life C. ‘I love feel­ing this close to him’ D. What my next move will be G. ‘Was his ex-girl­friend bet­ter at this than me?’

What noises are you mak­ing ?

A. Ask my neigh­bours W. A few muf­fled groans G. I’m usu­ally ask­ing, ‘Is that okay?’ C. Spo­radic moans, depend­ing what he’s do­ing at the time D. A crescendo – quiet at first, then build­ing up un­til I come

What’s your pri­or­ity?

A. Try­ing new things C. Emo­tional con­nec­tion G. Him think­ing I’m the best he’s had D. Hav­ing an or­gasm W. Not do­ing any­thing em­bar­rass­ing

You just had great sex… how do you know?

W. He seemed to en­joy it A. Mul­ti­ple or­gasms C. You got to­tally lost in the mo­ment D. He did all the stuff I like G. He told me so

What is he most likely to say when it’s over? G. Thanks! W. Did you come?

A. Well, I’ve never done that be­fore C. You’re great D . Wastha­tokay?

How do you feel af­ter sex?

D. Sat­is­fied C. Close to your man W. In­se­cure A. Happy G. Shy

What hap­pens next?

C. We cud­dle W. I put on my py­ja­mas and get un­der the covers A. We get our breath back then gear up for round two G. I lay my head on his chest D. I jump in the shower Add up how many of each let­ter you’ve scored, then read on to see what be­havioural psy­chol­o­gist and sex ex­pert Donna Daw­son has to say about your re­sults. Mostly Gs – You’re a GIVER

What’s good: You pri­ori­tise his needs and al­ways leave him sat­is­fied, but then, what man doesn’t like the idea of hav­ing a girl ful­fill­ing all of his de­sires?

What’s not so good: You may be sac­ri­fic­ing your plea­sure for his. Maybe you tried to im­press him with your self­less­ness, but if he thinks you’re al­ways sat­is­fied, sex will stay one-sided, and you’ll start to re­sent it.

Be bet­ter: If you also scored lots of As, then that’s great. But if you also scored Ws, you need to turn sex into a two-way street. Move his fin­gers to the right place, or just use the four words ‘harder, softer, faster, slower’. Mostly Ds – You DOM­I­NATE What’s good: You know what you like, which is great for him as well as you – men love know­ing they can hit the spot. What’s not so good: You know what works, so you’re ap­pre­hen­sive about new things, which means you’re not get­ting the spon­tane­ity that makes sex fun.

Be bet­ter: What are you afraid of – do­ing some­thing you’re un­com­fort­able with, or do­ing some­thing that he en­joys more than you? If you also scored Ws, it’s the fear of the un­known that both­ers you, so talk to him. Vary things be­fore you get stuck in a rut – let him have a go at tak­ing charge, and learn more about what he likes. Mostly As – You’re AD­VEN­TUR­OUS

What’s good: You’re up for any­thing – most guys love a girl who en­joys an ad­ven­tur­ous sex life. You’re not afraid to show you en­joy sex.

What’s not so good: Some­times there can be too much of a good thing. If you like ex­treme ad­ven­ture, you may be giv­ing the im­pres­sion of be­ing easy, and this may make men value you less. The eas­ier it is to get some­thing, the less we ap­pre­ci­ate it.

Be bet­ter: If you scored lots of Cs too, then you al­ready have a good bal­ance. But if you also scored a lot of Ds, you need to give yourself some time to get to know a man on an emo­tional level.

Mostly Cs – You CON­NECT What’s good: It’s great that you’ve worked out that re­ally good sex is about emo­tional con­nec­tion. It’s what every­one aims for – even men.

What’s not so good: While it’s what they want even­tu­ally, men may get put off by the pres­sure of your emo­tional ex­pec­ta­tions

Be bet­ter: Be more open-minded. It’s great to as­so­ciate romance with sex, and there’s noth­ing wrong with only sleep­ing with men you feel a con­nec­tion with, but be more com­pas­sion­ate by com­mu­ni­cat­ing how you feel phys­i­cally.

Mostly Ws – You WORRY What’s good: You never get lost in the mo­ment, which means you’re the least likely to end up with the kind of man who’ll just use you for sex.

What’s not so good: Your lack of com­mu­ni­ca­tion leaves men feel­ing un­sure and in­se­cure about what they’re do­ing.

Be bet­ter: Spend time mas­tur­bat­ing – if you don’t know what you en­joy, he has no chance of work­ing it out alone. You also need to ac­cept that he’s there be­cause he fan­cies you – when a man is aroused, he couldn’t care less about the size of your thighs or but­tocks.

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