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Septem­ber is eye­care month, so here are some help­ful tips from Vi­sion Op­tometrists to en­sure that your eyes, known as ‘the win­dows to your soul’, stay healthy for life.

Con­sult your eye­care prac­ti­tioner at least once a year, es­pe­cially if you are over the age of 40. Itchy, red, burn­ing, weepy and wa­tery eyes in­di­cate that some­thing is wrong. Don’t wait for these symp­toms to worsen: con­sult your eye­care prac­ti­tioner im­me­di­ately. Make sure that young chil­dren are screened be­fore the age of three and un­dergo a full eye ex­am­i­na­tion be­fore go­ing to school. Prac­tise a healthy eat­ing plan, in­clud­ing drink­ing loads of water. Pro­tect your eyes against harm­ful ra­di­a­tion by wear­ing good sun­glasses. Make sure that chil­dren wear sun­glasses, or at least a cap, when­ever they are outdoors.

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