This plan will drop you any­where up to 3kg, leave you feel­ing less bloated and your skin will glow too!

True Love - - Diet - By LOUISE PYNE

There’s no sub­sti­tute for a bal­anced diet and reg­u­lar ex­er­cise if you want to achieve op­ti­mum health. But some­times we all need a kick-start to get our bod­ies back in gear. Whether you over­did it at the week­end or you’ve de­vel­oped an un­healthy re­la­tion­ship with sweet treats, or you sim­ply want to re­boot your healthy habits, a quick cleanse is the per­fect way to spring-clean your body.

In ex­cess, sugar, bad fats and salt can leave you feel­ing bloated, slug­gish and grumpy, prompt­ing you to pack on the ki­los and leav­ing your com­plex­ion look­ing weary. There are also more se­ri­ous ef­fects: it’s thought that stress­ing out your or­gans can in­crease the risk of au­toim­mune dis­ease, hor­monal im­bal­ance, al­ler­gies and de­pres­sion.

Com­mit­ting to a de­tox may seem like a lot of time and ef­fort, but the re­wards are well worth it. In fact, the re­sults of tuck­ing into a clean diet are amaz­ing. Re­search by Har­vard Univer­sity in the US re­veals that up­ping the amount of fruit and veg­gies in your diet over time can slash the risk of cer­tain types of can­cer and pro­tect against heart dis­ease and type 2 di­a­betes. Plus, if you fol­low our three-day de­tox, you’ll drop any­where up to 3kg, feel less bloated and your skin will get that gor­geous glow back. You’ll also be brim­ming with en­ergy and feel focused and happy – what’s not to like?


What ex­actly is a de­tox? The body has many dif­fer­ent chan­nels of elim­i­na­tion: the skin and liver, which are the body’s largest or­gans, as well as the lymph, lungs, colon and kid­neys. These or­gans are primed to get rid of tox­ins on ev­ery day. Chem­i­cals and other nas­ties we eat or breathe en­ter the blood­stream and are bro­ken down and fil­tered. It sounds sim­ple, but the process is com­plex. Just like an old car that keeps break­ing down, when they’re over­worked these or­gans don’t func­tion ef­fi­ciently. Our sys­tem be­comes clogged up as tox­ins get stored in our cells, ig­nit­ing symp­toms like can­dida, acne, weight gain and more. All these symp­toms are your body’s way of cry­ing out for help. It needs a hol­i­day.

It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat it. Gulp­ing down food with­out chew­ing, or eat­ing on the go can also put a strain on your di­ges­tive sys­tem. De­tox­ing gives these or­gans and your en­tire di­ges­tive sys­tem a break so it can re­new and re­pair. Sup­port­ing your body with a range of fruits, veg­eta­bles and healthy foods in their nat­u­ral state also pro­vides your body with the nu­tri­ents it re­ally needs.


Day 1 1 cup green tea 1 cup water

1T flax seeds 1 cup rasp­ber­ries 1 ba­nana 2T lemon juice Have the green tea first thing in the morn­ing, then blend all in­gre­di­ents into a smoothie. Drink it im­me­di­ately.

What to ex­pect: You’ll pass a nor­mal bowel move­ment, since it takes up to 72 hours for food to travel through the di­ges­tive sys­tem. You will prob­a­bly ex­pe­ri­ence food crav­ings, feel slug­gish, nau­seous and grumpy as your brain isn’t get­ting as much glu­cose as usual.


1 cup green tea 4 cel­ery stalks 1 cup kale, chopped 1 cu­cum­ber, chopped ½ green ap­ple, chopped 1T coconut oil

½ al­mond milk 1 cup pineap­ple juice Drink the green tea first thing in the morn­ing, fol­lowed by your nor­mal break­fast meal. Blend all in­gre­di­ents into a smoothie and have it for lunch.

What to ex­pect: No doubt you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence in­tense food crav­ings for more solid food, and hunger pangs will kick in. You’ll also feel more tired than usual and, if you’re a sugar or cof­fee ad­dict, you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence un­pleas­ant with­drawal symp­toms, such as headaches. Your bowel move­ments will be softer than usual and you should be pre­pared for a few ex­tra trips to the loo!


1 cup green tea

½ mango 1 cup blue­ber­ries 1 cup kale 1T lemon juice av­o­cado cayenne pep­per flax seeds Take your green tea first thing in the morn­ing, then blend all in­gre­di­ents into a smoothie. Drink im­me­di­ately. What to ex­pect: It’s likely you’ll feel less bloated and have more en­ergy. Your body isn’t ex­pend­ing as much en­ergy do­ing its nor­mal job, so there’s more en­ergy avail­able. You’ll still ex­pe­ri­ence some with­drawal symp­toms, but these will be less in­tense. So ex­pect to be re­vi­talised, full of en­ergy, and have a re­newed zest for life. You’ll have lost weight, have more fo­cus and your com­plex­ion will glow. Yes, it was worth it!


The aim of a good de­tox or cleanse is to get your body back to that nat­u­ral al­ka­line state so that ev­ery­thing can work as ef­fi­ciently as pos­si­ble. Chamomile and lemon balm can also have pow­er­ful calm­ing ef­fects on the ner­vous sys­tem.

There are all sorts of de­tox di­ets out there, but our short-term food-based plan com­bines nu­tri­ent-packed juices to re­duce the di­ges­tive bur­den on your sys­tem and achieve se­ri­ous re­sults, fast.

The in­clu­sion of liq­uidised raw fruits and veg­eta­bles pro­vides your body with water, enzymes and a read­ily avail­able in­jec­tion of plant-based nu­tri­ents, such as an­tiox­i­dants, which are im­por­tant for help­ing to stave off dis­ease and re­set­ting your body’s nat­u­ral equilib­rium.

An ef­fec­tive de­tox will also help to elim­i­nate any diet stres­sors, such as cig­a­rettes, caf­feine, al­co­hol, fizzy drinks and all pro­cessed foods. You should aim to cut these out no less than five days be­fore your de­tox be­gins to help you to get the best re­sults you pos­si­bly can.

Signs of de­tox­ing gen­er­ally in­clude nau­sea, flu-like symp­toms and headaches, which oc­cur as your body re­moves tox­ins that have been trapped inside for months.

Don’t feel dis­cour­aged if you ex­pe­ri­ence these sys­tems. This is all nor­mal and, in fact, feel­ing a lit­tle worse is a sign that the cleanse is work­ing. But take it easy while you’re de­tox­ing. Now is def­i­nitely not the time to hit the gym for an in­tense work­out ses­sion. Re­lax at home and let the magic of the de­tox do its thing.

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