Colour cor­rect­ing

Mas­ter the art of cov­er­ing red­ness and dark spots with the help of con­cealer and foun­da­tion.


BACK TO SCHOOL The foun­da­tion of this tech­nique takes us back to art class. Do you re­mem­ber the colour wheel? The idea is ex­actly the same – colours that complement, can­cel or coun­ter­act one an­other. WHAT IS COLOUR COR­RECT­ING? “Colour cor­rect­ing is to change un­wanted skin tones in cer­tain ar­eas of the face us­ing the sci­ence of colour the­ory,” says Raine Tauber of M. A.C in SA. Green: It’s per­fect for blem­ishes as it neu­tralises red­ness. L.O.V PERFECTITUDE Color Cor­rect­ing Stick in 020 R229 Yel­low: This colour tack­les pig­men­ta­tion, dull­ness and un­even skin tone. Vi­o­let: Vi­o­let gives the il­lu­sion of a smoother and brighter com­plex­ion. Pink: It works like blush would to en­hance warmth and ra­di­ance. Peach and or­ange: This is good for under-eye dis­coloura­tion. “Colour cor­rect­ing would de­pend on the skin­tone that you are want­ing to ‘cor­rect’ and the base skin tone. So, for ex­am­ple, if you had a deep skin with an olive ( yel­low) un­der­tone but there were very dark marks, you may use a bright or­ange on those dark marks, but the or­ange would be vis­i­ble so you’d need to go over the or­ange with the cor­rect skin tone with­out wip­ing off the or­ange. Prod­uct cov­er­age and fin­ish play a very im­por­tant role in colour cor­rect­ing too – it’s not a one-size-fits-all so­lu­tion,” ex­plains Raine. e. MUST-HAVE TOOL A flaw­less fin­ish is all about blend­ing in prod­ucts care­fully. You need a beauty blender sponge to per­fectly blend your cream and liq­uid prod­ucts.

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