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It’s one of the sad­dest sci-fi deaths in years. Grab lots of tis­sues and get ready for a Teen Wolf cry-fest.

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Teen Wolf (2011-cur­rent) fans are about to say good­bye to a hero and no one sees it com­ing. re­garded as one of the most shock­ing Tv deaths of 2014, it’s adiós to hunter al­li­son ar­gent (crys­tal reed).

On 19 au­gust, al­li­son, Scott (Tyler posey), Stiles (dy­lan O’brien), isaac (daniel Shar­man) and kira (ar­den cho) head to the aban­doned Oak creek to find ly­dia and the nog­it­sune (a crea­ture with ban­dages over its face) that’s hold­ing ly­dia (hol­land ro­den) hostage. With help from an Oni de­mon army, our teens are ready to kill the nog­it­sune that’s also been pos­sess­ing peo­ple through­out sea­son 3. but things go hor­ri­bly wrong very quickly.

KnocK­ing on heaven’s door

The nog­it­sune finds the last of the knives that are cursed and con­trol the Oni army. it snaps the knife in two and sud­denly has con­trol over the army of hooded sol­diers… and that’s when al­li­son’s sud­denly in the mid­dle of an Oni army mess, only to be stabbed through the stom­ach by a sol­dier. as she col­lapses, Scott runs in to save his ex, who’s bleed­ing pro­fusely. “it’s per­fect,” al­li­son tells Scott with her fi­nal breaths. “i’m in the arms of my first love.” and with those fi­nal laboured breaths, al­li­son closes her eyes and dies. dead. fin­ished. ka­put.

BuT Why her?

To say that fans aren’t happy about al­li­son dy­ing is an un­der­state­ment. and they used so­cial me­dia sites like Twit­ter and face­book to let the show’s pro­duc­ers know. couldn’t al­li­son just leave bea­con hills and re­turn in a later sea­son? ac­cord­ing to Teen Wolf cre­ator Jeff davis, that wasn’t an op­tion – it was ac­tu­ally crys­tal’s de­ci­sion to leave. “We’d de­bated it many dif­fer­ent ways, ac­tu­ally,” Jeff ex­plains. “This was more true to her char­ac­ter. al­li­son’s not the kind of per­son who would just say, ‘Okay guys, i’m out of here.’”

crys­tal’s also added her two cents to the con­ver­sa­tion. While film­ing episode 3 of the cur­rent sea­son, she sat down with Jeff and asked to be writ­ten out. “i felt like, cre­atively, there were things i wanted to do dif­fer­ently, i wanted to ex­plore other Tv and film av­enues,” the teary-eyed star told re­porters at a Teen Wolf panel in June this year. She also says that age had some-thing to do with her de­ci­sion. crys­tal is 29 and felt that she needed to break away from teenage al­li­son fore more ma­ture roles.

as heart­bro­ken as fans are, no one’s strug­gled with this sad good­bye more than crys­tal her­self. “it’s so hard for me to let go. and i went into, like, a week of mourn­ing be­cause a part of me left with a part of her. it’s so sad. i don’t know what to say.”





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