Kiss & tell

Shhh! Don’t tell Sech­aba, be­cause Lerato and Hamil­ton are about to mix busi­ness with plea­sure.

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Isidingo’s favourite cou­ple are head­ing for splitsville when sneaky busi­ness­man and wom­an­iser hamil­ton (an­thony Oseyemi) makes lerato (Tema se­bo­pedi) weak at the knees. and it all starts with a sim­ple kiss. hamil­ton of­fers his help on Wed­nes­day 6 au­gust and naïveïve lerato doesn’t think twice be­fore say­ing yes. “he be­lieves in her,” Te­mama says of lerato’s ea­ger­ness to team up with hamil­ton. “he prom­ises to make her dreams come true.” and so the road to in­fi­delity be­gins.


It’s not long be­fore lerato is fall­ing for the suave hamil­ton and she flirts dur­ing their busi­ness meet­ing on Thurs­day 7 au­gust. “It’s all about lust for her,” Tema ex­plains. and when lust gets the bet­ter of lerato, it gets her good and she locks lips with hamil­ton on Fri­day 8 au­gust. but with that smooch comes a lot of guilt and lerato can’t make sense of what’s hap­pened, while hamil­ton is full of smiles now that he’s got what he wanted. “he sees it as having the up­per hand, be­ing in con­trol of the re­la­tion­ship,” an­thony ex­plains.


but fans who’ve kept a close eye on the sly hamil­ton won’t be sur­prised. When we first met him on Fri­day 11 July, we could al­ready see trou­ble in those dreamy eyes. With lerato on a mis­sion to be suc­cess­ful as a busi­ness­woman, she’s obliv­i­ous to hamil­ton’s tricks… un­til it’s too late. “It’s about busi­ness, at first,” an­thony says. “but some­where along the lines it now be­comes about lerato.”

Will it go fur­ther? Tema and an­thony aren’t giv­ing away much. “he’s a man, so of course he tries to sleep with her. but he isn’t pushy about it,” an­thony says. mean­wh­mean­while, Tema says that lerato will def­i­nitely con­sider sleeping­ing with hamil­ton, but that’s alall she’s will­ing to say. One ththing we can re­veal is that ththis drama won’t end well anand on mon­day 18 au­gust, sechasech­aba (mot­latsi mafat­she) starts to ques­tion lerato’s dealin­ings with hamil­ton. “she seems to be more in­volved with hamil­ton than with the busi­ness,” Tema says. and this makes sech­aba sus­pi­cious. Worse is yet to come, be­cause lerato shocks sech­aba on Tues­day 19 au­gust by con­fess­ing all.

Sech­aba’s nowhere to be seen, so Hamil­ton makes

his move on Lerato.

Lerato’s fate is sealed with a kiss.

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