Mar­vel­lous min­ions

Whether the de­mand is for death or break­fast, there’s always some­one ea­ger to fol­low or­ders in Salem.

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Gus (Ka­mall Shaikh) has had it! No, he just can’t take it any longer. He grov­els, he col­ludes, he snoops. He even fig­ures out the pass code for the DiMeras’ se­cu­rity sys­tem for Vi­vian. But all that Madame (Louise Sorel) can think about is her stupid long-lost son Quinn (Bren Fos­ter). Worst of all, now Vi­vian’s giv­ing Quinn all the credit for Gus’s con­niv­ing. On Thurs­day 7 Au­gust, Gus gets rather snotty with Vi­vian and on Fri­day 8 Au­gust, he opens his mouth to say the words that by now must be en­graved on so many min­ions’ hearts in Salem: “I came to tell you that no mat­ter how many sons come crawl­ing out of the wood­work, you’re noth­ing with­out me.”

But when Kate (Lau­ren Koslow) tries to tempt Gus on Mon­day 11 Au­gust, he sneers, “There’s no pain in do­ing great things for a great lady.” And he turns his nose up at Kate’s at­tempts to make him de­fect, say­ing, “Madame would never be so ob­vi­ous.” Gus is right though: Salem’s big bad­dies would be nowhere with­out the peo­ple who make their dark­est wishes come true and cook their break­fast eg­gie. We take a look at our top 3…

the kiri­akis cLan

The Kiri­akis but­ler Hen­der­son (Ron Leath) doesn’t speak much – he’s too busy an­swer­ing the door and the tele­phone as he sup­presses his sighs over the pa­rade of skanky women the Kiri­akis men have brought home since 1987. Vic­tor’s (john Anis­ton) also specif­i­cally or­dered him to keep “crim­i­nals” like Ni­cole (Ari­anne zucker) out of the Kiri­akis man­sion. Still, it’s steady work and the man in charge pays well. While Hen­der­son spends a lot of time clean­ing up af­ter food fights or Ni­cole’s lit­tle dog (RIp pookie), at least he oc­ca­sion­ally gets to scheme with the boss and pop out now and then to take in the ac­tion at strip clubs. If Vic­tor’s ever out, Hen­der­son is in charge.

Dimera siDe­kicks

Re­mem­ber how much more fun the DiMeras were when they had Dr Rolf (Wil­liam Utay) to re­alise their most out­landish brain-swap­ping schemes and Bart (Steve Black­wood) to make a mess of them? Sigh! Th­ese days Ste­fano has to put up with bun­glers like Marco (Steven Bruns), who shoots Mag­gie (Suzanne Rogers) on Thurs­day 14 Au­gust – see more on p30. But the house is still stand­ing, thanks to the ef­forts of Ste­fano’s trusty but­ler Harold (ju­lian Barnes), who de­liv­ers mes­sages, and Mary (Mary Gar­ripoli), the world’s most dis­creet maid. Some­one has to pre­pare food for pris­on­ers in the base­ment, take care of Sami’s (Ali­son Sweeney) ba­bies and clean up the blood when peo­ple fall down stairs. To their credit, the DiMeras (and Ste­fano’s wife Kate) are always po­lite to the staff and are “mer­ci­ful” about dust­ing ac­ci­dents.

yes sir, mr huD­sOn, sir

Aside from his lit­tle black hooker book, Salem’s new druglord Quinn Hud­son has an ar­ray of un­savoury hench­men at his beck and call. His pet drug dealer phelps (jack­son Davis) is quick to tat­tle to Quinn about Carly’s (Crys­tal Chappell) drug­gie prob­lem but loyal enough to Quinn to sell Carly sugar pills rather than drugs on Quinn’s or­ders on Fri­day 15 Au­gust – guilty Quinn feels like sav­ing Carly from Vi­vian’s clutches. He’s also learnt not to re­fer to Viv as “the diva of dark­ness”.

Poor Gus – all that hard (dirty) work for Viv and she still gives credit to her son.

Mary’s done her fair share of tidy­ing up for the DiMeras – and we don’t mean just vac­u­um­ing.

Phelps might be the guy on the left, but he’s def­i­nitely Quinn’s right-hand man.



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