A dan­ger­ous af­fair

A DiMera bul­let or Cupid’s ar­row – will love or death tri­umph when Mag­gie’s caught in the cross­fire?

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Sorry, nice guys. There’s noth­ing that a good girl loves more than a bad boy! And what soapie fan could re­sist the ro­mance between re­pen­tant rogue Vic­tor Kiri­akis (John Anis­ton) and Mag­gie Hor­ton (Suzanne Rogers), a lady with a heart of gold? Mag­gie and Vic­tor have been ne­go­ti­at­ing their re­la­tion­ship and dif­fer­ences for 18 long months – ever since Vic­tor com­forted Mag­gie in the wake of her hus­band Mickey (John In­gle) pass­ing away. Now nei­ther one of them will let go. When she backs off, he woos her like the wicked sil­ver fox that he is. And when he tries to save her from her­self be­cause he’s a bad, bad man, all that her stub­born de­ter­mi­na­tion can see is the goodness in him. “Mag­gie thinks that she’s good for Vic­tor – he’s shown her lit­tle changes in his per­son­al­ity that she can live with,” says Suzanne. “I think that what’s es­tab­lished between the two of them is this prickly lit­tle thing; they can get each other’s dan­der up. And they’re very hon­est with each other. I think that is what is so nice.” But some­times flirt­ing with dis­as­ter turns deadly…


On Fri­day 8 Au­gust, Salem’s se­nior sweet­hearts fi­nally cash in on all that flirt­ing. Mag­gie tells Vic­tor that de­spite her mis- giv­ings, “When it’s just you and me and the rest of the world is out­side of th­ese four walls, I feel very cher­ished and adored and loved.” And then she hints that it’s time to take things to the next – hor­i­zon­tal – level. Vic­tor prac­ti­cally cheers and dances, but in­stead of tum­bling his lady into bed, he im­me­di­ately gets on the phone and makes plans to get them out of Salem, ex­plain­ing to Mag­gie, “You know those ob­sta­cles you were talk­ing about? They’re all right here in Salem. You and I are go­ing to see the world – the real world – to­gether.” Doesn’t that sound sus­pi­ciously like an elope­ment and a hon­ey­moon? The stars align and Mag­gie in­vites Vic­tor to stay over for break­fast and a lit­tle ooh-la-la, af­ter which Vic­tor cun­ningly leaves his cuff­links be­hind so

that he can ask for a re­match. We know your game, Vic!


Mag­gie’s friends who haven’t been on the Vic­tor Kiri­akis Charm Ride or seen the way that he de­fended gay grand­nephew Sonny (fred­die Smith) against a nasty bigot are a bit doubt­ful. Mag­gie, sigh­ing with post-sex hap­pi­ness, seems a bit dis­tracted and Adri­enne (Judi Evans) is a lit­tle shocked when she finds out why on Wed­nes­day 13 Au­gust. “Adri­enne is con­cerned for Mag­gie. She won­ders if Mag­gie is do­ing the right thing,” re­veals Suzanne. Mag­gie staunchly sup­ports her man, telling Adri­enne, “Vic­tor has been prov­ing him­self a lot lately – in small ways and large.” Why Mag­gie, you wicked girl.


But even lov­ing, loyal Mag­gie feels some doubt when Vic­tor mys­te­ri­ously can­cels their date on 13 Au­gust. But in­stead of weep­ing into her hand­ker­chief, she de­mands to know why. “I don’t want to be as­sured. I wanted to be in­formed. I want you to stop be­ing cryptic and mys­te­ri­ous and tell me what’s go­ing on,” she or­ders. Wow! We’d face Ste­fano’s (Joseph Mas­colo) wrath rather than Mag­gie’s! And so would Vic­tor ac­tu­ally, since he’s sneak­ing off to chat to Ste­fano to dis­cuss Brady’s (Eric Mart­solf) at­tack on EJ (James Scott). Vic­tor is swiftly re­duced to grov­el­ling when his lady turns to walk out af­ter he tries to keep her out of his busi­ness. “Mag­gie isn’t go­ing to let a man come into her life and put her down or put her in her place,” says Suzanne. “She doesn’t need Vic­tor.” Mag­gie only lets him play with his lit­tle friends once he’s sworn to her that he won’t be in dan­ger.

But Mag­gie’s crazy about Vic­tor, not crazy-stupid. She’s not let­ting him off the hook. One phonecall to Me­lanie (Molly Bur­nett) later, Mag­gie fig­ures out what Vic­tor’s do­ing. “Mag­gie is very leery of the DiMeras, so she fol­lows Vic­tor,” says Suzanne. Un­for­tu­nately, while Vic­tor’s plan­ning a truce, Ste­fano has vengeance on his mind, mut­ter­ing, “Brady Black is the one who tried to kill my son. Now Kiri­akis wants to meet with me alone? If he thinks no one is gonna pay for this, he is wrong.” Then, on Thurs­day 14 Au­gust, Ste­fano’s hench­man Marco (Steven Bruns) thinks that Vic­tor’s reach­ing for a gun and takes aim, only for Mag­gie (who’s hid­ing on the pier spy­ing on the meet­ing) to fling her­self in front of Vic­tor. Marco fires his gun and Mag­gie goes down, leav­ing even Ste­fano speech­less and frozen on the spot.

A ro­man­tic clinch? No, Mag­gie’s been shot! Ste­fano is ap­palled. Vic­tor tells Ste­fano that Mag­gie’s blood is on his hands.

Sonny tries to take care of his dev­as­tated

great-un­cle Vic­tor.

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