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Abby learnt more about Tyler’s past, Les­lie told Nikki to tell Dy­lan the truth, and Vic­tor found a clue about Delia’s accident that could lead to Adam.

6 – 8 AU­GUST

Billy joins a grief sup­port group, and Paul tells Kevin that they’re go­ing to bring in a pro­filer to find the man who killed Delia. Devon ac­cuses Rox­anne of only be­ing in­ter­ested in him for his money, and Paul finds a way to get Michael out of jail.

11 – 15 AU­GUST

Rox­anne breaks up with Devon be­cause in­her­it­ing Kather­ine’s money has changed him, while Kelly – a mem­ber of Billy’s grief sup­port group – gives Billy some ad­vice. Dy­lan tells Stitch that he and Avery are go­ing to the Ath­letic Club for their first of­fi­cial date. Mean­while, Nikki asks Vic­tor, Vic­to­ria and Nick to join her at the club. Nick sees Dy­lan and con­fronts him, telling Dy­lan to stay away from his fam­ily – they then have a fight and Nikki sep­a­rates them by re­veal­ing that Dy­lan is her son. Noah and Court­ney sleep to­gether, and Vic­tor’s hurt that Nikki didn’t con­fide in him about Dy­lan. Dy­lan tells Avery that he wants a DNA test, while Paul and Chris­tine tell Michael that the judge is re­open­ing his case.

18 – 19 AU­GUST

Sum­mer and Jack head to At­lanta to be with Phyl­lis, while Abby, Tyler, Traci and Kyle gather at the Ab­bott house for Thanks­giv­ing and they’re sur­prised when Ash­ley ar­rives. Abby tells Ash­ley that she’s wor­ried about Tyler’s ex, and Ma­son con­tin­ues to use the credit card that he stole from Devon. And Billy and Kelly bond over their shared grief.

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