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Nandi got bad news, Usha and Fad­hili struck a deal, and G was having fi­nan­cial difficulties.

6 Au­GuST

G and Tony find out about Nandi’s news, and Mali Hold­ings is in cri­sis mode as pain strikes Mwambu. Then a fu­ri­ous G kicks Richard off the Mali Hold­ings premises – and out the house too.

11 – 13 Au­GuST

A stressed Richard con­fides in Ma­bel, while Arthur un­cov­ers a se­cret about Usha and Fad­hili. Usha urges Fad­hili to get rid of Nikita, while Fad­hili chal­lenges Tony on his cri­sis-han­dling skills. Lulu con­tem­plates get­ting help from Zolo, G meets the two Nige­ri­ans, and Ma­bel de­cides to visit Nandi in the UK. G is los­ing his pa­tience with Fad­hili over Mwambu, and things get mushy between Richard and Nikita. Lulu strug­gles to get Zolo’s at­ten­tion, and Mwambu is at­tacked and Richard knows who the attacker is. G thinks that things are get­ting out of hand and later, Richard con­fronts G and it ends bit­terly. Ma­bel’s back from the UK with a shock­ing rev­e­la­tion, while Usha has a pack­age for Mwambu. Lulu finds out what her mom’s been hid­ing, ten­sions rise at Mali Hold­ings, and Usha gets a rude awak­en­ing from G.

18 – 19 Au­GuST

G gets a lit­tle visit from the po­lice, while Usha threat­ens to lock up Richard if he doesn’t get his act to­gether – and in a hurry. Bishop makes news­pa­per head­lines, which causes up­heaval between Ma­bel and G. Tony, Fad­hili and Ron are in a tight spot, while in­ves­ti­ga­tions over Mwambu’s at­tack are on­go­ing and it looks like the cops are on the right track. Lulu gives in to her se­cret guilty plea­sure, while G still won’t apol­o­gise to Bishop, much to the dis­may of ev­ery­one around him. Ad­ver­tis­ers are pulling out of the SUN news­pa­per, so Tony, Fad­hili and Ron have a cri­sis meet­ing. Lulu gives Bishop a piece of her mind, and then G re­ceives a mys­te­ri­ous visi­tor.

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