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Gasta sought help from Herbert with­out re­veal­ing her mo­tive, Lindiwe was act­ing strangely, and Ray’s mer­chan­dise went miss­ing. Else­where Sponono and Siphokazi started to nose around Thembi.

6 – 7 Au­GuST

Mthunzi gets a sur­prise visit, while Moss comes clean to KG and later re­alises that he can’t just waltz in and talk to Thabo. Beauty re­turns home but doesn’t get the wel­come that she was ex­pect­ing as she strug­gles to get her home back. Mean­while, Gasta’s over­whelmed by her own ac­tions af­ter Nt­sika seems to have bought her story about the stolen money.

11 – 14 Au­GuST

Moss man­ages to get to Thabo but Thabo doesn’t re­act the way that Moss had hoped. Mthunzi makes Beauty see his point of view and then sets her an ul­ti­ma­tum – the pair even­tu­ally make up, but not be­fore Beauty de­mands noth­ing but the truth about Mthunzi’s crim­i­nal behaviour. Ray tries a lit­tle ten­der­ness to melt the ice sur­round­ing Lindiwe, while Nt­sika messes with Gasta’s head and she de­cides that she’s had enough and draws a line with the boys. David’s rage reaches boil­ing point and he loses con­trol, prompt­ing Te­bza to lay an as­sault charge against him. Moss and Qin­iso find tem­po­rary refuge, and later Mthunzi and Moss are hit by the re­al­i­sa­tion that they still have to deal with their Thabo sit­u­a­tion.

18 – 19 Au­GuST

Moss and Qin­iso take up a new job but Big Brother will be watch­ing their ev­ery move. Beauty strug­gles with Mthunzi’s med­i­cal treat­ment, and Thabo is given an ul­ti­ma­tum. Thembi speaks her mind, with dire con­se­quences, and Gasta’s sit­u­a­tion doesn’t seem to be get­ting any bet­ter as in­creased fi­nan­cial pres­sure mounts upon her.

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