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Shakira and Pre­cious faced off, there was drama when Kila fi­nally con­fronted Nom­cebo, and then Obak­eng had a sur­prise for Glo­ria and Gontse.

6 – 8 Au­GuST

Lu­cas dis­cov­ers a po­ten­tial new ally and that he might’ve been wrong in trust­ing some­one in prison. Still in the cells, a mu­tual threat in­spires an un­likely al­liance, and the bat­tle between the pris­on­ers and the guards in­ten­si­fies. Din­tle’s in­ter­fer­ence with Nom­cebo and Kila has a shock­ing out­come, while Glo­ria strug­gles to cope with her liv­ing sit­u­a­tion and is ap­palled by an un­ex­pected propo­si­tion. And the Nge­mas wit­ness a sur­pris­ing in­ci­dent.

11 – 15 Au­GuST

Kila’s faced with a de­ci­sion: con­front or ig­nore an un­set­tling new ar­rival. The Ran­gakas are up in arms but who’s ly­ing to whom? Neo prom­ises to pun­ish Lu­cas but it comes in an un­ex­pected way, while Shakira’s in trou­ble when sit­u­a­tions at the prison get out of hand and de­velop into some­thing that ter­ri­fies her. The prison drama forces Shakira to make De Wet a rad­i­cal of­fer with­out telling her cell­mates, then Shakira ex­ploits her cell­mates’ wan­ing faith in Pre­cious to se­cure a po­si­tion of power and she makes De Wet a shame­less propo­si­tion. Mean­while, Glo­ria’s at­tempt at play­ing se­duc­tress doesn’t go ac­cord­ing to plan and she dis­cov­ers the iden­tity of Obak­eng’s mis­tress.

18 – 19 Au­GuST

Shakira plots to use a sit­u­a­tion to her ad­van­tage and rid her­self of an en­emy, while Lu­cas is faceto-face with his worst night­mare. Then, just as Shakira gets ready to en­joy the fruits of her labour, she dis­cov­ers that the fruit is start­ing to rot.

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