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we’re past the half­way mark in sea­son 9 of Su­per­nat­u­ral (2005-cur­rent) and Sam and Dean winch­ester (Jared padalecki and Jensen ack­les) have seen a lot of creepy stuff. we went dig­ging through hours of episodes and did some cal­cu­la­tions of our own to see what Su­per­nat­u­ral would look like in num­bers through its 180-and-count­ing episodes so far…

4nick­names have been given to Dean, in­clud­ing Chisel Chest and li’l Stumpy. 4the num­ber of times that the boys’ car has been wrecked in the nine sea­sons. 13nick­names have been given to Sam by both demons and an­gels. Some of the bet­ter ones in­clude moose, Sam the Gi­nor­mitron and Jolly Green. 40times that Dean has men­tioned pie. Un­for­tu­nately, our pie-lov­ing hunk hasn’t man­aged to en­joy any so far. But we have seen him eat­ing 23 burg­ers (not at once!), so at least he’s not starv­ing. 49of the 50 US states have been vis­ited by Sam and Dean, with kansas be­ing the most-vis­ited spot, with 19 vis­its. this is also where the winch­esters were born. 62is the num­ber of hugs that Dean and Sam have given each other and oth­ers. Heart­warm­ing to see in-between all that hack­ing and slic­ing of bad­dies. 210ma­jor deaths have been shown over the sea­sons, in­clud­ing Bobby (Jim Beaver), both Sam and Dean, as well as nu­mer­ous an­gels and demons. Dean has died a stag­ger­ing 104 times – be­ing mauled by a Golden Re­triever (sea­son 3 episode 11) and a poi­soned taco (sea­son 3 episode 11) are two of the more bizarre ones. and Sam’s only died six times. 223is how many times the phrase “son of a b***h” has been said. Dean alone has ut­tered it 134 times. 297 835kmhave been driven through the show’s nine sea­sons. Sea­son 7 saw the long­est dis­tance cov­ered, at 54 992km in the 23 episodes.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ack­les (front) are bril­liant as Su­per­nat­u­ral’s Winch­ester boys.

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