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that they had sex, and alice’s se­cret box re­veals that john and hope are still legally mar­ried. brady’s crushed when madi­son’s se­cret hubby ian mcallister (played by ex bold ac­tor ian buchanan) ar­rives in salem, home of his long-time mis­tress kate. ej wins the elec­tion and makes abe look cor­rupt. ni­cole is preg­nant, and lu­cas (bryan dat­tilo) is back to help sami. bo’s in a coma after be­ing at­tacked, and bil­lie reed (played by orig­i­nal bil­lie, lisa rinna) re­turns to help kate to de­stroy the com­pe­ti­tion.

brain­washed again

the truth comes out in april! ste­fano traps john and hope and or­ders them to do his wicked bid­ding. gabi’s plot to land a date with chad by ly­ing about melanie back­fires, and ian forces madi­son to break brady’s heart. lexie leaves abe and starts work­ing for ej, rafe de­mands a di­vorce, while kate tells sami that she knows that sami’s the mole. hu­mil­i­ated, abby ad­mits that she made up her story about sleep­ing with austin, and will tells mar­lena that he’s not sure if he’s gay. bil­lie’s work­ing un­der­cover to help bring down ste­fano. and ste­fano messes with hope and john’s brains so that they turn into princess gina and her part­ner john again to steal a pre­cious egg for him.

bil­lie’s found her way back to salem – and drama will

be sure to follow.

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