Tragedy in the laan

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in march, al­tus and paula fi­nally de­cide to get di­vorced, so xan­der ad­vises al­tus on his le­gal rights and the pro­ce­dures in a di­vorce case. paula ap­points her own lawyer while she con­tin­ues to flirt with eben. sonja bat­tles to keep up with her stud­ies while tak­ing care of wian and con­sid­ers drop­ping out of univer­sity. maria goes over­board with her price in­crease to make hilda’s slip­pers, as well as de­mand­ing four tea breaks per day, which then causes er­rol to drop some of maria’s un­nec­es­sary items on the quote. char­maine’s still shaky after the op­piekoffie drama and ends up grumpily snap­ping at ev­ery­one around her. a new jour­nal­ist is ap­pointed in emma’s (bertha le roux) po­si­tion at the hill­side times, while neville takes his wife char­maine to cape town on hol­i­day so that she can un­wind. ryno and lynette meet up to dis­cuss their tricky sit­u­a­tion, while paula and al­tus make the front page of the oggend­blad pa­per after their fight. mean­while, ma­trone is run­ning op­piekoffie with a firm hand while char­maine and neville are away.

Nb! 7de laan couldn’t con­firm their april sto­ry­lines at the time of go­ing to print.

paula and al­tus

go to war.

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