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Ivanka’s mom Cher­ilee ar­rived, there was con­fu­sion about Nick’s iden­tity, and Merle and Zadie bonded.

4 – 6 fe­bru­ary

Cher­ilee makes prom­ises that Ivanka doesn’t think she can keep, and Zadie sees a dif­fer­ent side to Nick. Ilse must re­mind Ivanka how im­por­tant fam­ily is, while Su­sanna tells Jana how to han­dle At. Cher­ilee asks Gus­tav for help, and Su­sanna isn’t sure whether An­ton will re­cover from his lat­est dis­ap­point­ment. Karli warns Ade­lyn about Nick, and Cher­ilee finds her­self en­joy­ing the clinic’s food.

9 – 13 fe­bru­ary

Jana re­alises that At is much more stub­born than she is, and Nick’s date doesn’t go ac­cord­ing to plan. Cher­ilee and At ar­gue, while Jana must de­cide what’s next for her ca­reer. There’s a sur­prise for Ivanka at the Fer­reiras’, Ade­lyn’s go­ing on a date, and Jana’s re­place­ment isn’t cop­ing. Ilse re­veals her plan of ac­tion, Pippa asks Daleen to help her with Vicky, and the ghosts of Zieg’s past still haunt him. Cher­ilee makes life dif­fi­cult for Ivanka, while Zadie’s party gets out of hand.

16 – 17 fe­bru­ary

Cher­ilee has plans for Ivanka, Pippa can’t get hold of Rian, and Zadie is up­set about Merle. Cher­ilee ma­nip­u­lates Ivanka, it looks like Adler has the up­per hand, and Su­sanna takes charge of a tricky sit­u­a­tion.

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