The art of creepy

There’s a lot more to bring­ing a su­per­nat­u­ral beastie to life than meets the eye.

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When talk­ing about make-up, most peo­ple think of beauty and glit­ter. how­ever, when it comes to sci-fi shows, make-up isn’t nec­es­sar­ily all about eye­liner and blusher. in­stead, it’s about scaly skin, yel­low eyes and rot­ting flesh. wel­come to the world of sci-fi make-up, a place where aliens and zom­bies are all too real. but spe­cial ef­fects make-up (or sfx make-up) is a lot more com­pli­cated than just slap­ping on lay­ers of la­tex and adding a few blood stains…

how’d they do that?

from the sim­ple to the sim­ply ter­ri­fy­ing, it’s amaz­ing to see what goes into bring­ing your favourite tv crea­tures to life. we dis­sect a few sfx mas­ter­pieces to see what it takes to make fan­tasy a re­al­ity…

doc yewll (trenna keat­ing) in de­fi­ance (2013-cur­rent)

ma­te­ri­als & tools: the actress wears a head­piece made of foam la­tex that’s cov­ered in tiny geo­met­ric im­prints that are usu­ally done by hand. “it takes two to three hours to get into the mask,” trenna ex­plains. “it slips on like a hood over your whole face.” once in place, the mask is painted with an air­brush. “it takes about an hour to paint it,” trenna adds. “i’d be ly­ing if i said it was com­fort­able. it’s sort of like wear­ing a plas­tic bag over your head in the sum­mer.”

scot­ts­cott mc­callm­c­call (tyler posey) in teen wolf (2011-cur­rent)

ma­te­ri­als & tools: in­stead of cov­er­ing the ac­tor’s en­tire face in sil­i­cone, only his fore­head, nose and chin are cov­ered. the cre­ators try to give the ac­tors a more square pro­file. the fa­cial pieces are made of a very thin sil­i­cone that’s glued to the skin and then painted over to en­sure it blends with the ac­tor’s ac­tual skin tone. “some­times the glued bits pull at your skin a bit,” tyler re­veals. sec­tions of real hu­man hair are then glued to the ac­tor’s face. “the first cou­ple of sea­sons we used yak hair, which was very coarse and itchy,” tyler says.

trenna gets a com­plete head


tyler’s ears and fa­cial hair are glued on.

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