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Most guys find one wife to be a hand­ful, but mn­qobi sime­lane’s about to add a third to the mix.

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Joburg’s af­flu­ent north­ern sub­urbs is the last place you’d ex­pect to find a hap­pily mar­ried man living with his two daugh­ters… and two wives. but that’s life for mn­qobi (hamil­ton dh­lamini). while hav­ing two women who adore you un­der one roof is ev­ery man’s dream, imag­ine if they liked each other. heaven, right? ce­bisile (gcina mkhize) is mn­qobi’s se­nior wife and their daugh­ters have been living am­i­ca­bly with ju­nior wife du­mile (played by nokuthula led­waba), un­til the lack of an heir be­comes a prob­lem. mn­qobi’s un­happy and wants a new wife to give him a son. en­ter pret­tier and younger kh­wezi (nomzamo mbatha) on mon­day 2 march…

mn­qobi – the main man (hamil­tom dh­lamini)

the wealthy busi­ness­man owns a fleet of trucks and needs an heir to his em­pire as his ex­piry date is fast ap­proach­ing.

Why does Mn­qobi de­cide that he wants a third wife? ce­bisile is the source of his trou­bles [laughs]. if she’d given him an heir, he’d have stayed mar­ried to her only. af­ter two daugh­ters, she’s un­able to have more kids, which is why he took sec­ond wife du­mile. how was she cho­sen? with polygamy, the first wife gets to pick the next wife for what­ever pur­pose. the only prob­lem is that du­mile hasn’t given him chil­dren and that’s when he sug­gests a third wife. So how does he woo Kh­wezi? mn­qobi’s got money, so it isn’t that dif­fi­cult [laughs]. although most peo­ple no longer prac­tice it, kh­wezi un­der­stands why he’s do­ing it and that he’s ob­serv­ing pro­to­col and would rather do it legally [not hav­ing a child out of wed­lock].

ce­bisile – the ma­tri­arch (gcina mkhize)

her re­spect for tra­di­tion has had mn­qobi’s first love suf­fer­ing in si­lence through a sec­ond wife, but how she’ll re­act to an­other wife is still to be seen.

Did the thought of polygamy cross Ce­bisile’s mind when she got mar­ried? she thought that she’d never have to go through it, but she com­pro­mised be­cause of her con­di­tion and to make mn­qobi happy. So is the ad­di­tion of a third wife eas­ier or harder? def­i­nitely harder due to the way that he’s gone about it, sneak­ing around with kh­wezi for a whole year. What’s the hard­est part for her? limited time with her hubby and the con­stant com­pe­ti­tion for his at­ten­tion. also, if he has an­other child, she fears that hers will be treated dif­fer­ently. Could the up­roar in the house cause her to walk away? she doesn’t strike me as that type of woman. in her and her fam­ily’s eyes, it would be con­sid­ered a fail­ure.

du­mile – the drama queen (nokuthula led­waba)

ac­cus­tomed to the finer things in life, mar­ry­ing mn­qobi proved to be a step in the right di­rec­tion for this mod­ern

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