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A sis­ter’s love could break Lu­cas’s hold on his sniv­el­ling side­kick Stokkies.

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Ver­non “Stokkies” Ja­cobs (Wayne van Rooyen) has an an­gel on one shoul­der named Tsatsi (Joyce Skefu) and a devil on the other named Lu­cas (Sello Maake Ka Ncube). Eas­ily swayed, he’s been weav­ing from one lie to the next be­tween them ever since he got out of jail in Au­gust and landed his job at Safe ’n Clean. But when the lift at NFH breaks down on Fri­day 11 De­cem­ber, Stokkies is stuck in limbo with the one per­son who could help him step out of this on­go­ing bat­tle and be­come his own man: his sis­ter Yolandi (Lerey Lalita).


Yolandi’s for­give­ness and rec­on­cil­i­a­tion could change Stokkies’ life “in a huge way,” ac­cord­ing to Wayne. “I don’t think that Stokkies needs to be bad. He gets caught up in do­ing things that he’s not sup­posed to do, es­pe­cially with Lu­cas, who’s like a fa­ther fig­ure to Stokkies be­cause he feels like his fam­ily has dis­owned him. He knows that the stuff he’s do­ing isn’t right but the money is en­tic­ing. So even though he’s drawn to Malet­satsi and the fact that here’s a good per­son want­ing to do good by him and giv­ing him the op­por­tu­nity, there’s Lu­cas on the other side. It’s an ad­dic­tion of sorts. Ev­ery time Lu­cas calls, Stokkies is like, ‘Okay, I’ll avoid the call to­day, I’ll avoid it tomorrow’, but then the fol­low­ing day he’ll pick it up and be like, ‘Hi Sir, what do you need me to do?’ It’s toxic and that’s part of his prob­lem. Stokkies needs to step into his own and do right by him­self. He’s try­ing that now but he’s eas­ily in­flu­enced.”


Yolandi rep­re­sents the prom­ise of a real fam­ily’s em­brace and sup­port that Lu­cas can’t match. “When she came to visit in prison (in Oc­to­ber 2014, when she was ac­tu­ally try­ing to help Lerumo and An­zani – played by Tshepo Mos­ese and Fulu Mu­gov­hani), it was a huge thing. He saw hope within that. He misses his fam­ily and his sis­ter. There’s a lot of guilt within him but also a lot of like, ‘I wish that we could get over ev­ery­thing and start afresh’. But ob­vi­ously that’s go­ing to take some big steps on his part and I think hers as well.”


But Yolandi isn’t at a place of for­give­ness at all. She told An­zani on Wed­nes­day 18 Novem­ber that she could never for­give Stokkies and wanted noth­ing to do with him. “He got in­volved with the wrong crowd and he was deal­ing drugs to try make a quick buck. He drank a lot, ex­per­i­mented a lot and his fam­ily suf­fered a lot be­cause of that phase. He spent a couple of years in jail be­cause of his past and the stuff he got in­volved in. And there’s a ma­jor thing that also hap­pened be­tween Yolandi and Stokkies that we’ll hear about very soon,” hints Wayne. In fact, it’s one of the things that will come out while the sib­lings are forced to­gether in that con­fined space on Fri­day 11 De­cem­ber. “It’s quite a re­veal­ing mo­ment and An­zani’s taken aback be­cause she didn’t see that com­ing,” re­veals Wayne. “But if you’re hon­est with some­one, it can ei­ther make or break a re­la­tion­ship and I think this is one of those mo­ments where you can ei­ther build on it or let ev­ery­thing just wither away.”


At first it looks like it’s a break mo­ment be­cause Yolandi can’t wait to get away from Stokkies on Mon­day 14 De­cem­ber. On Tues­day 15 De­cem­ber, Stokkies tells Tsatsi to give it up be­cause he’s never get­ting him fam­ily back. But An­zani has seen some­thing in Yolandi that Stokkies hasn’t dared to be­lieve and from Wed­nes­day 16 De­cem­ber, we’ll see things be­gin to change for the Ja­cobs sib­lings.

Stokkies longs to rec­on­cile with his sis­ter Yolandi.

An­zani (left) me­di­ates

be­tween Stokkies (cen­tre) and Yolandi.

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