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Liam pres­sures Brooke for info about Caro­line’s preg­nancy, so Brooke re­veals that Ridge had a va­sec­tomy when he was in Paris, which means that Thomas is likely to be the baby’s fa­ther and not Ridge. Ni­cole waits for the re­sults of her preg­nancy test, while St­effy tries to keep the peace be­tween a feud­ing Ridge and Thomas. Caro­line’s first ul­tra­sound ap­point­ment is in­ter­rupted by Liam, who de­mands an­swers from her, and Ivy finds her­self caught be­tween two very charm­ing guys. Eric wants to con­tinue Hope’s Thanks­giv­ing tra­di­tion, and Vivi­enne and Pam clash in the kitchen.


Sami tells Mar­lena and John that she’s got the goods to take down the DiMeras once and for all, while Abi­gail tries to se­duce Ben but he’s con­vinced that she’s in love with Chad. Steve vows to fight the per­son from his past who poi­soned his son Joey, and Brady bat­tles with his feel­ings for Theresa. Ni­cole’s got her eye on Daniel’s old friend Fynn, while Kate is fall­ing for Eduardo. Mean­while, Bo stops Hope from mar­ry­ing Ai­den but she winds up in hos­pi­tal, hor­ri­fied by what’s just hap­pened.


Dy­lan’s con­vinced that things aren’t right at Fairview San­i­tar­ium and that Dr An­der­son’s up to no good. Mean­while, a crazed Sharon has no idea that Dr An­der­son is play­ing her for a fool as she fo­cusses on the baby that she’s con­vinced she’s car­ry­ing. Cane bat­tles to get over Lily’s be­trayal, Hilary can’t make sense of the flash­backs that she’s hav­ing of her and Devon to­gether, and Vic­tor gives Adam a life­line. Jack and Phyl­lis ques­tion Billy’s mo­tives, and Hilary doesn’t want her mem­ory back.

Will Lily and Cane’s mar­riage sur­vive

all the lies?

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