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The Af­fair star Ruth Wil­son spills on how sea­son 2 is dif­fer­ent and why she wants more male nu­dity on the show.

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Sex, violence and nu­dity – The Af­fair (2014- cur­rent) is definitely not for fam­ily view­ing. While it’s best to leave the kid­dies tucked into bed be­fore you tuck into this se­ries, there’s plenty for adults to enjoy. Like a com­pli­cated tale of de­ceit and be­tray­als told from var­i­ous char­ac­ters’ points of views, plus a Golden Globe award-win­ning per­for­mance from se­ries star Ruth Wil­son, who plays wait­ress Alison Bai­ley.

Alison’s very free-wheel­ing and im­pul­sive. Is she any­thing like you?

I live by the seat of my pants, I sup­pose. Do­ing this job, you’ve got to be a bit free-wheel­ing and im­pul­sive. I work very hard and I’m quite ded­i­cated to what I do and dis­ci­plined when I have to work. If I haven’t got to do a job the next day, I’m fairly im­pul­sive. But oth­er­wise, I’m quite well be­haved and bor­ing [Laughs].

What are the most chal­leng­ing parts for you of do­ing The Af­fair: the nu­dity or the emo­tional scenes?

They’re all hard and chal­leng­ing. This show re­quires you to dig deep and to be emo­tion­ally vul­ner­a­ble and open. It does that on a weekly ba­sis. It’s not just one episode. It’s sort of ev­ery episode that you’re in, you have to go some­where that feels like a risk or very ex­pos­ing in some re­spect – whether it’s nu­dity or emo­tion­ally, so it’s been hard but grat­i­fy­ing.

You’ve been quite vo­cal about your fight for equal nu­dity be­tween the sexes on the show. And now it’s hap­pened in sea­son 2…

There should be equal op­por­tu­nity for nu­dity. I fight for equal nu­dity. It was a ma­jor chal­lenge for me hav­ing to face sex scenes ev­ery week. I had only done one sex scene be­fore this show. Sex scenes are of­ten the least in­ter­est­ing scenes. The build-up is in­ter­est­ing but sex it­self… not that in­ter­est­ing. There is only so much you can keep play­ing with, so when we have sex scenes it’s al­ways: is it nec­es­sary and why is this in here and is it mov­ing the story for­ward or is it tit­il­la­tion in some form and I’m not in­ter­ested in be­ing part of just tit­il­la­tion. I want it to chal­lenge and to in­ter­est and for peo­ple to have to think once they’ve seen it.

It seems that your char­ac­ter is go­ing on a dif­fer­ent jour­ney this sea­son.

It’s changed a lot. It’s split to four per­spec­tives. Last sea­son we just had two. Now we have the con­se­quences, which are ob­vi­ously wide-reach­ing but both [the cheated-on spouses] Cole and He­len (Joshua Jackson and Maura Tier­ney) have their per­spec­tives as well. There’s the huge ef­fects of this af­fair on ev­ery­one in­volved. It’s great for me in some ways as I get a bit more time off. I’m not in ev­ery episode and my per­spec­tive isn’t in ev­ery episode, so I get a bit of down­time but it’s fas­ci­nat­ing. It means you get to play their version of you as well – so four ver­sions of Alison. It breaks the story wide open as well. It means that you’re fol­low­ing four in­di­vid­ual sto­ries rather than just two, which are linked with ev­ery­one else and you’ll see as it goes through this sea­son, it’s about their in­di­vid­ual jour­neys – all of them. I don’t get to act as much as I would like to with all of them. I get to act with lots of other char­ac­ters, new char­ac­ters, but we all split off and go a sep­a­rate jour­ney.

Is there a part of her char­ac­ter that you’d like to ex­plore?

In the first sea­son, it was very much about her jour­ney and about this woman who was go­ing deeper into a hole of de­spair and was lost in a fog of grief. I wanted to see her be­come stronger and I wanted the au­di­ence to be given the sat­is­fac­tion of ac­tu­ally see­ing her rise from the ashes. This sea­son there’s a slow de­vel­op­ment and un­der­stand­ing of one­self, grow­ing in­ter­nally, be­ing stronger. Last sea­son she was a vic­tim of cir­cum­stance. This sea­son, Alison’s tak­ing own­er­ship and that ex­cites me.

Brit ac­tress Ruth Wil­son is ex­cited by her char­ac­ter’s

growth in sea­son 2.

Ruth wants ev­ery­thing equal in the show, in­clud­ing male nu­dity from the likes of co-star Do­minic West (Noah).

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