Tak­ing aim

Is Ayanda go­ing to end up mur­der­ing his own father?

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Af­ter Lindiwe and Muzi (Dawn Than­deka King and Mpumelelo Bhu­lose) fi­nally told Mx­olisi (Naymaps Mapha­lala) that he isn’t a Xulu on Wed­nes­day 27 Jan­uary, there was one more thing they had to do: claim their bi­o­log­i­cal son Ayanda (Kay Sibiya). But Muzi only just man­aged to stop his hit­man from killing Ayanda on Mon­day 25 Jan­uary af­ter he found out the truth. And the Mdlet­shes freaked out on Tues­day 26 Jan­uary when the Xu­lus orig­i­nally called them to ar­range a meet­ing, con­vinced (and not with­out rea­son) that it was a trap to al­low the Xu­lus to wipe them out. What else can go wrong be­fore the fi­nal part of the baby-swap truth comes out? As Ayanda holds his father at gun­point on Wed­nes­day 3 Fe­bru­ary, it looks like that ques­tion could have the worst pos­si­ble an­swer: death!


“To­wards the fi­nale, Muzi starts want­ing to meet up with Ayanda and his mom, so a CPF mem­ber gives Ayanda a gun in case they try any­thing funny,” re­veals Kay, who adds that it’s the first gun that Ayanda has ever held. “Ayanda is con­flicted. On Mon­day 11 Jan­uary, Muzi and Mx­olisi beat him to a pulp. They al­most beat him dead! He’s tired of Muzi just get­ting away with mur­der – lit­er­ally. He gets away with drugs, with the car syn­di­cate, with killing peo­ple, and no one is stand­ing up to him. Ayanda;s had it be­cause Muzi has af­fected a lot of peo­ple that he’s close to: Muzi stran­gled his brother Nkosi­nathi (Sipho Mh­longo, in June 2015) and put him in a wheel­chair. And then it was his wife Nom­buso’s death (Than­deka Zulu, in Novem­ber 2015). Then there was Amandla’s death (Lun­gelo Man­dondo, in De­cem­ber 2015). He’s tired of the whole Xulu fam­ily and their wicked ways.”


And with all of those feel­ings crowd­ing in on a con­flicted Ayanda, Mx­olisi and Muzi burst into his church, chased by an an­gry mob. It’s the last straw and Ayanda pre­pares to shoot, still un­aware that Muzi is his father. That’s when Muzi tells him the truth. “It’s a dark mo­ment,” says Kay. “The man he hates more than any­one in the world tells him that he is his bi­o­log­i­cal father and his mother (Leleti Khu­malo) is stand­ing there and she agrees to what’s been said. He’s not think­ing at that mo­ment – he’s not even aware of what he’s do­ing. Ayanda’s whole world has crum­bled. Ev­ery­thing he’s ever be­lieved, ev­ery­thing he’s ever known, is a lie.”


Kay’s not sur­prised that the rev­e­la­tion makes Ayanda even more un­sta­ble. “Per­son­ally, I would feel be­trayed be­cause my par­ents and I have that bond that’s un­break­able, so trans­parency is ev­ery­thing,” says Kay. “Blood does not de­ter­mine. It does not de­cide who my par­ents are and their place in my life. The par­ents who raised me played a role bi­o­log­i­cal par­ents had never ever played. So if my par­ents didn’t tell me the truth, I would feel be­trayed.” But there’s still one se­cret hang­ing over Ayanda. On Tues­day 2 Fe­bru­ary, Ayanda’s bi­o­log­i­cal sis­ter Nosipho (Nom­pilo Maphumulo) re­vealed that thanks to a hook-up, she’s preg­nant with Ayanda’s child. Re­veals Kay, “It’s dis­gust­ing, es­pe­cially for a black house­hold and two black dy­nasty fam­i­lies like this. I don’t know. It’s be­yond dis­gust­ing. It’s un­heard of,” he stut­ters, ap­par­ently still shocked by the un­fold­ing sto­ry­line.


Uzalo’s first sea­son ends on a life- or­death cliffhanger as the po­lice burst in to ar­rest Mx­olisi and Muzi, while Ayanda’s fin­ger is still on the trig­ger. What would it do to would-be pas­tor Ayanda’s soul if he shoots his own father in cold blood, in­side his very church and place of wor­ship?

Ayanda doesn’t know who he’s ac­tu­ally point­ing his gun at.

Will Ayanda pull the trig­ger?

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