Leader of the pack

Nen­zhelele wants to rule Thathe, but Chief Azwin­dini’s onto his evil plans and is wait­ing to make his move.

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Cur­rent Thathe royal leader Chief Azwin­dini’s (Gabriel Te­mudzani) throne is un­der siege. His at­tacker? None other than Nen­zhelele (David Ram­ab­u­lana), who re­turned to the Venda king­dom in De­cem­ber 2015 af­ter his 2013 am­bush, where he al­most suc­ceeded with his coup plans. It’s been years since the el­ders first re­jected his lead­er­ship skills and gave Azwin­dini the crown, but in all that time Nen­zhelele hasn’t shaken off his grudge against Azwin­dini and this time he’s des­per­ate to get what he wants.


A de­ter­mined Azwin­dini, who knows ex­actly what his en­emy is ca­pa­ble of, has an ex­treme plan in mind to get rid of Nen­zhelele on Wed­nes­day 3 Fe­bru­ary: mur­der him! But Nen­zhelele’s one step ahead of the chief and calls the po­lice, claim­ing that Azwin­dini’s pulled a weapon on him. The po­lice ques­tion Nen­zhelele and de­mand Azwin­dini hand over the dag­ger on the same day. Mean­while, on Thurs­day 4 Fe­bru­ary, Nen­zhelele tells the po­lice that Mulim­isi (Hum­bu­lani Tsha­rani) is in ca­hoots with Azwin­dini and wants him dead and that Mulim­isi should there­fore be ar­rested. Says Gabriel, “Azwin­dini doesn’t want to kill him per se, but he does want to get Nen­zhelele out of their lives.”


On Mon­day 8 Fe­bru­ary, Azwin­dini tells Gizara (David Sebe) that he has a plot to take down Nen­zhelele once and for all and on Tues­day 9 Fe­bru­ary, the chief finds ev­i­dence against Nen­zhelele. “There’s tons of proof that Nen­zhelele is a dark sor­cerer,” Gabriel ex­plains. “With the help of Mulim­isi’s spir­i­tual pow­ers, they can prove that Nen­zhelele is up to no good.” Azwin­dini gets his hands on muti to make Nen­zhelele feel com­fort­able in his pres­ence and ad­mit his evil plans on Wed­nes­day 10 Fe­bru­ary, but what the chief doesn’t know is that Nen­zhelele has pow­er­ful muti of his own that’s in­tended to dis­tract Azwin­dini. Mean­while, Mulim­isi’s let out of jail and finds him­self be­ing ban­ished from Thathe on Nen­zhelele’s or­ders.


Nen­zhelele’s muti is strong and quickly has Azwin­dini in a con­fused frame of mind. Azwin­dini be­gins to start prais­ing Nen­zhelele and tells him that he makes a good chief on Mon­day 15 Fe­bru­ary. Thank­fully, on Tues­day 16 Fe­bru­ary, the muti be­gins to wear off and Nen­zhelele loses his grip over Chief Azwin­dini. Says Gabriel of his TV neme­sis, “Nen­zhelele is an evil and pow­er­ful sor­cerer. He gets joy from caus­ing oth­ers pain.” It is here that Nen­zhelele learns the only way to get to the chief, break his fo­cus and let him lose his power is through his son Mu­vhango (Owen Mm­bobo). Get­ting to the father via the son? That’s pretty evil. Bet­ter watch your back, Azwin­dini!

Nen­zhelele (left) wants Azwin­dini’s Thathe throne.

Schem­ing Nen­zhelele has a lot to smile about.

The muti is work­ing on Chief Azwin­dini.

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