Hill­side in dark­ness

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A de­pressed and em­bar­rassed Paula goes into her­mit-mode, while Willem and Felic­ity’s re­la­tion­ship is splashed on the cover of The Times. Xan­der is strug­gling to ad­just to his new life and asks Bonita to get in touch with her con­tacts from her past in or­der to help him. Al­tus de­cides to move to Cape Town and puts Si­fiso in charge of Bruyn­waves, Hilda and Oubaas de­part for their hon­ey­moon to Am­s­ter­dam, and Ma­trone has some sage ad­vice for Kim about re­la­tion­ships. Vanessa tells Natalie ex­actly what she thinks of her be­hav­iour, and the fu­ture of The Times is in Willem’s hands. Bonita’s life is in dan­ger, Felic­ity gets some­one to help her with her de­signs, and Bernard’s in a car ac­ci­dent. Felic­ity be­gins to won­der if her re­la­tion­ship with Willem is the best thing for her hap­pi­ness, Er­rol gets shock­ing news, and Marko has big busi­ness plans. By the end of the month, Hilda and Oubaas re­turn from their hon­ey­moon, more in love than ever.


Marko de­cides to ex­pand Stasie Ses by open­ing an­other bar area, and Kristin leaves Hill­side to go af­ter Al­tus in Cape Town. Paula tries to deal with the heartache of her bro­ken mar­riage, and Pu­lane and Er­rol fi­nally make up af­ter she drunk­enly tried to se­duce him in De­cem­ber. Felic­ity and the new de­signer Nandi (Mbali Mlotshwa) are get­ting along like a house on fire and Si­fiso can’t help but no­tice how at­trac­tive she is. Ma­trone’s courted by a new man and she falls madly in love, while Willem’s not will­ing to re­tract his case against The Hill­side Times and things are go­ing down­hill for the pa­per. A strange woman wan­ders the streets of Hill­side and Ty starts to in­ves­ti­gate her. Xan­der’s lawyer An­dré comes across new ev­i­dence that could dis­credit Natalie’s case against Xan­der, and Vince is fu­ri­ous with Bonita when he dis­cov­ers that she’s been in con­tact with un­savoury char­ac­ters from her past.


7de Laan wasn’t able to pro­vide in­for­ma­tion for its April episodes at the time of go­ing to print.

Kristin and her son with Al­tus are tear­ing

the Laan apart.

Is love on the cards

for Ma­trone?

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