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High Rollers

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Kenny weighs the dancers and Michelle has put on a few ki­los, and Analine uses re­dec­o­rat­ing her home as a dis­trac­tion from her prob­lems. Michelle de­cides to quit as a dancer at the casino, which catches Kenny off-guard, and Tal­lu­lah tries to se­duce Ben. De­tec­tive Mhambi gets a break­through in his in­ves­ti­ga­tion into who pushed Tal­lu­lah down the stairs in De­cem­ber 2015, while Paul and TT make plans to at­tract a younger au­di­ence to the casino with a big-prize com­pe­ti­tion. David re­turns home to an up­side-down house with Analine miss­ing, while Quintin’s ho­tel room is ran­sacked and he’s also pre­sumed miss­ing. Muzi tries to take ad­van­tage of Thandi’s good for­tune, and Analine tells Paul that she’s safe, but why doesn’t she tell her hubby David?


Michelle con­fronts Quintin about his jeal­ous be­hav­iour and he tries to turn the ta­bles on her. The bur­den of run­ning the casino is show­ing on Paul, Michelle tries to hide her bat­tered face, and TT is des­per­ate to re­pair things with his daugh­ter Thandi. Ben tells De­tec­tive Mhambi that they can no longer pay her to in­ves­ti­gate the stalker case, and Paul lets David lead the wage ne­go­ti­a­tions but Esme doesn’t think that it’s a wise move. Thandi takes charge of her education and makes TT proud, Quintin con­vinces Michelle to go to Prague with him but she may not make it onto the plane, and Paul’s frus­trated by Busi’s (Jo-Anne Reyneke) stonewalling and tries an­other method to get info from her. Mhambi and David set a trap for Quintin, and TT takes charge when he can no longer deal with Paul’s in­de­ci­sive­ness.


Paul tries to make amends with Ben, while Tal­lu­lah’s schem­ing puts Esme in the fir­ing line. Dhanny chal­lenges Kenny to a pub­lic de­bate about democ­racy, Paul of­fers Busi a bribe in ex­change for a higher casino val­u­a­tion, and Har­riet (Sophie Ndaba) asks TT to get Mhambi off her case. Kenny ques­tions Tal­lu­lah over tam­per­ing with the bal­lot box, and TT tells Paul about sus­pi­cions that peo­ple are cheat­ing at the ta­bles. Thandi’s ready to tell Dhanny that the elec­tion was rigged, and Kenny tries to sab­o­tage the dance com­pe­ti­tion.


An­nel­ize Roux is back at the clinic and that’s bad news for Bron­wyn, and At’s out to make sure that Ter­tius is painted in a neg­a­tive light. Naomi and Karli go to war over a Face­book mes­sage, and Daleen’s left in a tight spot when things at home don’t im­prove.


Pippa’s loy­alty and friend­ship is tested, and some­one from the past re­turns. Karli’s liv­ing ar­range­ment with her brother isn’t work­ing out, and At’s got a new “helper” to keep an eye on things for him. Steve and Bron­wyn make a big de­ci­sion about Steve’s fu­ture, and An­nel­ize re­news a friend­ship but uses it to prove a point.


Steve’s ir­ri­tated when his ad­vice is ig­nored, while Rian and Pippa find them­selves at a cross­roads when Pippa fi­nally re­veals what she’s been hid­ing from him. Else­where, Ter­tius is hav­ing a dif­fi­cult time and needs to make changes if he’s go­ing to keep his friends.


Martín’s hap­pi­ness is short­lived when the po­lice learn his true iden­tity, and to try pro­tect the father of her un­born child, Mar­i­ana tells him to go to safety and leave her alone in the ho­tel room. The po­lice then find Mar­i­ana dead in her ho­tel room.


Martín has in­for­ma­tion for the cops about An­to­nia’s mur­der but he’s ar­rested be­fore he can tell them. Mar­cos later asks a freed Martín for for­give­ness, which makes Martín sus­pi­cious, so he goes through the school shoot­ing footage, try­ing to make sense of things even though the footage qual­ity is so poor. Later, Eze­quiel con­fesses to mur­der­ing Ra­mon but Alex has a big­ger, bolder con­fes­sion that shocks Martín.


Luciano wants re­venge on Diana, and So­nia apol­o­gises to Martín. Things aren’t look­ing good for Alex, who may be fac­ing jail time, and the judge has news for Martín.


Michelle’s forced to re­veal her se­cret to Stefan but she doesn’t have Bianca’s sup­port. Chris isn’t sure how he is go­ing to care for his wife when she’s dis­charged from the men­tal in­sti­tute, and Brid­gette dreads think­ing about what hap­pened be­tween her hus­band Ian and her sis­ter Lee-Ann in Ian’s of­fice.


Mrs J and the fam­ily try to make sense of the neu­rol­o­gist’s di­ag­no­sis, and Rita (the role hasn’t been cast yet) is back at home but her road to re­cov­ery is filled with ob­sta­cles. Lee-Ann’s on the warpath af­ter she learns about Ian’s plans for the cen­tre, AB’s home but there are con­di­tions to his stay­ing, and Chris does some­thing dras­tic to stop Ian.


Rita’s frus­trated by the bud­ding friend­ship be­tween Chris and Lee-Ann, and there’s a nasty sur­prise for Jerome. Mrs J de­cides who will get her power of at­tor­ney when it comes to the cen­tre, and the shop own­ers are up in arms about the in­crease in crime at the cen­tre.


Syd­ney’s in­fi­delity trou­bles KG and she runs into the arms of an­other man for com­fort. Moss’s drug ad­dic­tion wors­ens, and Sponono gets bad news from the doc­tor about her health but that isn’t go­ing to hold her back from her aca­demic dreams. Since the house bur­glary, Gasta’s been feel­ing un­safe and in­stalls an alarm, only to feel a flood of emo­tion re­turn when it goes off ac­ci­den­tally. Later, Mthunzi sets traps for the hi­jack­ers that he’s been hear­ing about, and Terri throws her­self at Waka.


Ray uses his con­tacts at the pop­u­lar TV se­ries Date My Fam­ily to get Her­bert and Waka onto the show. Her­bert’s cho­sen by a well-known celebrity on Date My Fam­ily but the date doesn’t go that smoothly. Gasta and Lindiwe put for­ward a busi­ness pro­posal to buy the gro­cery store, and Syd­ney drops a bomb­shell on KG. Syd­ney, Ray and Scott are caught in the middle of their dodgy deal­ings, and later Gasta faints when Sponono has an out­burst.


Moss un­cov­ers the truth about who re­ally killed David (Thami Sit­hole) but is in­volved in an ac­ci­dent be­fore he can tell the fam­ily. When Sponono’s men­tal break­downs get too much for Qin­iso, he con­sid­ers in­sti­tu­tion­al­is­ing her. Jazzman makes a re­turn, and Gen­til (Bonginkosi “Zola7” Dlamini), a new thug in town, dis­turbs the peace when he comes look­ing for Ray. NB! Za­bal­aza ends in April.

There’s loads of ac­tion and drama for the Kings Casino crew.

Soapie queen Sophie Ndaba is on Gold Dig­gers

from April!

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