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Hi tv­plus. In 7de Laan’s new in­tro se­quence, the bread rolls slide off the board. Is that an “oop­sie”? – EL­IZE, WIT­BANK. We can see why you might think it was an ac­ci­dent, El­ize, but the fall­ing rolls were done on pur­pose. 7de Laan pub­li­cist Rosa-Mari Eras­mus says that they filmed the scene a cou­ple of times. “The scenes were planned in fine de­tail and we needed to film it over and over to get the move­ment just right.” Rosa adds that it “brings a dra­matic mo­ment. Other soaps’ ti­tle se­quences have, for ex­am­ple, a fall­ing glass of wine.” NB!

7de Laan’s on a roll with their fun new

ti­tle se­quence.

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