Killer mys­tery

Who would beat up Rafe and leave him for dead in an al­ley?

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Salem is a danger­ous town for a cop – with two big crime fam­i­lies at work and loads of shady deals go­ing on, you can make a new en­emy ev­ery day. So when cop Rafe Her­nan­dez (Galen Ger­ing) is at­tacked, beaten and dumped in an al­ley­way by some ran­dom hench­man on Thurs­day 16 June, De­tec­tive Hope (Kris­tian Al­fonso) al­ready has sus­pects of who he’s work­ing for. On Mon­day 20 June, Dr Cameron (Schuyler Yancey) re­veals that the at­tack was meant to be fa­tal! “Who­ever did this wasn’t try­ing to land Rafe in the hospi­tal. They were try­ing to send him to the morgue,” he says. So we’ve helped Hope nar­row down her list of Salem’s dead­li­est men…


Mo­tive: with her ex­hubby Ste­fano (Joseph Mas­colo) back in Salem, Kate (Lau­ren Koslow) is so afraid for her lover Rafe’s life that she’s left with no choice but to break up with him on Thurs­day 9 June. In­no­cent af­ter all? On Mon­day 20 June, when Kate re­veals the af­fair while fling­ing ac­cu­sa­tions at Ste­fano, Ste­fano’s son EJ (James Scott) tells his fi­ancée Sami (Ali­son Sweeney) that Ste­fano ob­vi­ously had no idea. “I was watch­ing Ste­fano. Now, I know him bet­ter than just about any­body and he’s not very of­ten caught off- guard. But he was by that,” EJ in­sists.


Mo­tive: EJ is in­tensely jeal­ous of the con­nec­tion his son Johnny (Aaron and Grif­fin Ku­nitz) has with Sami’s ex-hus­band Rafe. On Thurs­day 16 June, EJ over­hears Johnny tell Sami that he liked it bet­ter while they were liv­ing with Rafe. And EJ’s not a happy camper when Rafe calls him mo­ments later to ar­range a meet­ing so that he can give EJ a spe­cial kid ver­sion of an FBI agent’s jacket that he got for Johnny. Mo­ments af­ter speak­ing to Rafe, EJ makes a mys­te­ri­ous phonecall and tells some­one, “I have a job for you…” In­no­cent af­ter all? EJ in­sists that he had noth­ing to do with the at­tack but he wouldn’t have to be there per­son­ally to get rid of his ri­val, would he?


Mo­tive: on Thurs­day 9 June, Rafe ques­tions his brother-in-law Nick (Blake Ber­ris) about why Nick doesn’t want bi­o­log­i­cal dad Will (Chan­dler Massey) near Nick’s wife Gabi’s (Camila Banus) baby. And af­ter speak­ing to Will, a fu­ri­ous Rafe warns Nick on Thurs­day 16 June that he’s go­ing to tell Gabi the truth about Nick’s ho­mo­pho­bia. Will and his boyfriend Sonny (Fred­die Smith) im­me­di­ately sus­pect that Nick is be­hind the at­tack. Nick has killed be­fore – he mur­dered his crush Me­lanie’s (Molly Bur­nett) abu­sive adop­tive fa­ther Trent Rob­bins (Roscoe Born) in 2008. And he has the prison con­tacts to help him kill again. In­no­cent af­ter all? On Mon­day 20 June, Nick pro­duces a park­ing re­ceipt that sup­ports his story that he was nowhere near the al­ley­way at the time of Rafe’s at­tack. But like EJ and Ste­fano, he wouldn’t have to be there in per­son…


There are at least two more ex-pris­on­ers loose on the streets of Salem at the mo­ment. Nick’s ex- cell­mate Var­gas (Sean Dou­glas) is def­i­nitely up to no good and on Fri­day 24 June, Hope asks an of­fi­cer to find out whether the mys­te­ri­ous shoe print in the al­ley that she finds on Mon­day 20 June could match the prison shoes is­sued to “Jensen” (Derek Mag­yar), a mur­derer who’s just been re­leased on a tech­ni­cal­ity. The at­tacker’s iden­tity and mo­tive will be re­vealed soon.

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