27 JUNE – 1 JULY

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Jen­nifer tells JJ to get a job, Jensen re­veals that he tried to kill Rafe and shoots Will, and Sonny de­liv­ers Gabi’s baby. Daniel op­er­ates on Will, and Gabi names her baby Ari­anna. John in­vades Kris­ten’s ho­tel room to se­duce her the night be­fore Kris­ten and Brady’s wed­ding, and as they get into bed to­gether Kris­ten and John separately and se­cretly SMS Brady ask­ing him to meet them at the ho­tel. Johnny gives Mar­lena the photo of Kris­ten pay­ing Sy the mug­ger, a guilt-stricken Kris­ten backs out of her plan, and Mar­lena gives Brady the photo of Kris­ten.

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