David wants to poi­son his en­emy

David Ge­naro re­turns with a deadly plan for his en­e­mies.

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After an at­tempted as­sas­si­na­tion by no­to­ri­ous madam Dolly (Linda Sebenzo) in March, David (Jamie Bartlett) is back to claim his place as a con­tender on the big, bad boys’ bat­tle­ground. First stop, take re­venge on Solomon Mo­go­motsi (Seputla Se­bo­godi), who or­dered David’s killing in an at­tempt to take over the pros­ti­tu­tion busi­ness that David started with Dolly. But it seems like Solomon is about to be bit­ten by the hand he feeds when his “kept woman”, ex hooker Brenda (Lele Led­waba) be­comes David’s main weapon of re­venge.


On Tues­day 12 July, David’s a man with a plan when he shows up on Brenda’s

doorstep. “He tells Brenda that he was hid­ing in Mozam­bique,” says Jamie. “She’s ex­cited to see David and hopes that he’ll res­cue her from Solomon by not pimp­ing her out to him any­more.” But David has an even bet­ter, more per­ma­nent plan that he shares with Brenda on Wed­nes­day 13 July: get­ting rid of Solomon by poi­son­ing him seems to be the best idea and Brenda plays a vi­tal role be­cause she lives un­der his roof. But an un­easy Brenda finds it dif­fi­cult to carry out the mur­der­ous plot… un­til Fri­day 15 July when Solomon is vi­o­lent to­wards her, leav­ing her an­gry, bat­tered and ready for blood!


David’s got a hid­ing place and on Mon­day 18 July he is re­united with for­mer part­ner Dolly, who only pre­tended to mur­der David to fool Solomon, whom she doesn’t like much any­way. “David stays in a ware­house to op­er­ate un­der­cover and re­gain con­trol and power,” Jamie re­veals. “Dolly knew where he was and it’s busi­ness as usual for them. She agrees to his plan so that they can get Solomon off their backs.” But they start butting heads when David asks Brenda to de­lay their plan for a while, an­ger­ing Dolly on Tues­day 19 July as she’s ea­ger to get Solomon gone as quickly as pos­si­ble.


Mean­while, Solomon is bliss­fully un­aware that his en­emy is back as he goes about his busi­ness. But some­one is watch­ing Brenda, which means that David’s plan is about to be blown wide open un­less he gets rid of the spanner in the works – and it’s some­one David once cared about…


Dodgy David Ge­naro is back on the scene.

David has a new trick up his sleeve.

Brenda is stunned by David’s re­turn.

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