The ul­ti­mate sacri­fice

Selo’s se­cret comes back to haunt him, but is he will­ing to do what it takes to pro­tect his fam­ily?

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The day that Selo and Mand­lakazi Na­mane (Pa­trick Shai and Nam­bitha Mpuml­wana) sac­ri­ficed some­one else’s baby in place of one of their twins for wealth and power was the be­gin­ning of a curse that’s haunted them for 30 years. And now it’s time to pay. But Selo is re­luc­tant to fol­low the nec­es­sary in­struc­tions from Bab’Hlong­wane (Jab­u­lani Masilela) to right the wrongs of the past and says Pa­trick, “He’ll do any­thing for his fam­ily, just not this out­ra­geous re­quest that’ll cost him his pride and his free­dom.”


When the search for miss­ing Mand­lakazi points to an abduction on Wed­nes­day 20 July, Selo is left stressed and pan­ick­ing. “He’s con­cluded that the witch­doc­tor Bab’Hlong­wane could some­how be be­hind his wife’s dis­ap­pear­ance when Bab’Hlong­wane keeps com­ing back to the house and instructing Selo on what to do ‘ac­cord­ing to the an­ces­tors’,” Pa­trick says, adding, “Bab’Hlong­wane says that he knows where Mand­lakazi is and that he [Bab’Hlong­wane] needs in­ner peace be­cause he’s be­ing both­ered by the an­ces­tors telling him that Selo must come clean.”


Mean­while, Selo and Mand­lakazi’s daugh­ter Reba (Ze­nande Mfenyana) suf­fers from a se­ries of night­mares and seizures, so Selo tries to fig­ure out what the prob­lem is on Thurs­day 21 July. “He knows what he has to do: own up to an in­car­cer­ated Nkonzo (Menzi Ngubane) about mur­der­ing his niece as a sacri­fice in a black magic ex­change, but he just can’t do it. Selo has too much to lose,” Pa­trick says. But by Fri­day 22 July, Selo tells a hor­ri­fied Reba and her brother Tsi­etsi (Nyaniso Dzedze) about the fam­ily se­cret. “They feel be­trayed by the lies and Selo tries to jus­tify ev­ery­thing with the wealth and com­fort they have.”


By Thurs­day 28 July, Reba is re­fus­ing med­i­cal help and it’s clear to Selo that the sit­u­a­tion is dire, but his pride stops him from vis­it­ing Nkonzo, who’s in jail af­ter go­ing to un­law­ful mea­sures to find his niece’s re­mains so that he can bury her. “It’s not an easy de­ci­sion as they’ll go to pri­son for mur­der,” says Pa­trick. “It’s a dif­fi­cult time for Selo with­out his wife.” With both Mand­lakazi’s re­turn and Reba’s health in his hands, all that Selo has to do is con­fess and give up the fam­ily’s wealth earned through an in­no­cent baby’s blood. “Even­tu­ally other forces will com­pel him to re­veal cer­tain things,” hints Pa­trick.

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