Hi tv­plus. I’ve heard that Scan­dal! will be bring­ing back a pop­u­lar char­ac­ter with ties to an ex­ist­ing fam­ily on the show. Who is it?


– MARIA, JOBURG While we know the name, we’ve been asked to keep this one hush-hush… but we’re go­ing to drop a huge hint: he or she will be com­ing back from the grave! And this per­son “died” some time in the past five years. For more clues, don’t miss our 3 Au­gust quar­terly preview is­sue, on sale from Fri­day 29 July.


Naledi started the search for her dad’s miss­ing brother Kings­ley, and Layla took over Quin­ton’s CEO job af­ter he took a bad batch of drugs.

20 – 22 JULY

Din­tle is in a bad mood af­ter Mangi for­gets an im­por­tant date, and Romeo’s given a huge stake in the New­to­nian Hotel as a birth­day present. Glo­ria tries to rub Tsatsi’s nose in the fact that she has a new job but when she needs some­thing sud­denly, guess who Glo­ria turns to. And as a high school re­union looms, CJ and Scelo find out that ev­ery­one is do­ing bet­ter than they are pro­fes­sion­ally – even Kabza.

25 – 29 JULY

Din­tle takes re­venge for Mangi’s ne­glect, and Quin­ton crashes while driv­ing with Beyon but Mangi steps in to pro­tect Quin­ton. Ndu is forced to get se­ri­ous when Glo­ria’s work at­ti­tude gives rise to grum­bles. Later, Safe ’N Clean had bet­ter be­ware when Glo­ria starts her own busi­ness – one with a name that will get right in Tsatsi’s face. Scelo and CJ de­cide to be­come their own suc­cess story, Un­cle Se­seko (Kings­ley) tries to get in touch with Naledi, and Yvonne is shocked when Seko shows up unan­nounced.

1 – 2 AU­GUST

Glo­ria cor­ners Layla to drum up busi­ness for her new com­pany, while a rift be­tween Scelo and CJ sees CJ finds a new busi­ness part­ner. Seko gets some in­ter­est­ing news, and Romeo mus­cles his way into play­ing with the big boys.

Fana is a fan favourite on Gen­er­a­tions – The Legacy.

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