Mur­der & may­hem

Solomon es­capes a hec­tic end­ing but Brenda isn’t so lucky.

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Now that Solomon and Ler­ato (Seputla Se­bo­godi and Samkelo Ndlovu) have sur­vived David and Brenda’s (Jamie Bartlett and Lele Led­waba) poi­sonous plan to kill them be­tween Tues­day 26 and Fri­day 29 July, Solomon is more aware of his sur­round­ings and his sus­pi­cion is in­creas­ing by the day. “Solomon is clue­less and doesn’t sus­pect Brenda at all – un­til Ler­ato’s ac­cu­sa­tion of Brenda. Al­though it’s with­out mo­tive, the ac­cu­sa­tion starts to make Solomon re­con­sider,” says Seputla. But how far is Solomon will­ing to go to get the truth? Would he kill for it? It seems so…


Solomon still doesn’t know that badguy David is the one try­ing to kill him, so get­ting the truth out of Brenda is tricky be­cause he isn’t even sure why she would do it. “She’s his floozy and he buys her ev­ery­thing she could ever want,” ex­plains Seputla. But Solomon goes ahead and tries to fig­ure out the puz­zle and on Wed­nes­day 3 Au­gust, he tries to get Brenda to come clean through ma­nip­u­la­tion, but she doesn’t budge. In­stead, Brenda sets him on an un­sus­pect­ing vic­tim’s trail. “Brenda tells Solomon that Ler­ato was the one who poi­soned him,” adds Seputla, who says that this makes a lot more sense to Solomon than Brenda do­ing it, so it gets him think­ing – and off Brenda’s back so that she can run to David and find out what his next move is.

Mean­while, on Thurs­day 4 Au­gust, David is busy plan­ning a scheme that even Brenda isn’t aware of, but to him, the ends jus­tify the means. Lit­tle does Brenda or Solomon know that their lives are about to change for­ever.


On Fri­day 5 Au­gust, David pre­pares Brenda, like a lamb to the slaugh­ter, to head to Solomon’s and she’s got no idea that the meet­ing will be the last thing that she does for David. Gun­shots ring out dur­ing Brenda’s con­ver­sa­tion with Solomon and she drops dead right be­fore his eyes. “Solomon has no idea what has just hap­pened,” says Seputla. But Ler­ato thinks that she does when she walks in on Mon­day 8 Au­gust to find Solomon at Brenda’s side.

“Ler­ato thinks that Solomon killed Brenda be­cause he sus­pected that she was go­ing to kill him,” says Seputla. “But Solomon thinks that Ler­ato shot Brenda, be­cause it def­i­nitely wasn’t him!” Mean­while, David slips away, de­lighted that Ler­ato is be­ing blamed for his ac­tions but hor­ri­fied about what he’s had to do to his friend Brenda. And David’s plan steps up a gear on Tues­day 9 Au­gust when Solomon’s ar­rested for Brenda’s mur­der, still con-vinced that Ler­ato was be­hind it all.


But you can’t keep a framed man down and Solomon de­vises a plan to es­cape life be­hind bars – but he’s go­ing to need a few al­lies first, in­clud­ing an un­likely one. On Thurs­day 11 Au­gust, Solomon en­lists fren­emy Doc (Du­misani Mbebe) to help break him out of jail. “Solomon’s been to jail be­fore and he knows that life be­hind bars won’t be on his terms,” Seputla says. “He likes the good life and won’t stand be­ing in prison for some­thing he didn’t do.”

Mean­while, Doc is con­flicted about help­ing Solomon be­cause he doesn’t want to land in hot water if the plan goes south, but his ex-fi­ancée Ler­ato man­ages to con­vince him to help on Fri­day 12 Au­gust as she wants to clear her name and prove to Solomon that she’s not be­hind it all. By Mon­day 15 Au­gust, Solomon’s a free man and David is tor­mented by both the news of his en­emy’s es­cape as well as the fact that he killed Brenda.

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