TV Plus (South Africa) - - ASHES TO ASHES -

Disebo’s house of lies comes tum­bling down on Thurs­day 18 Au­gust when Damian and Ot­sile meet and Disebo’s true iden­tity is re­vealed. “Damian learns that Disebo is ac­tu­ally a pas­tor’s wife and that she ran away and left him with­out any ex­pla­na­tion,” says Shoki. But the shock isn’t over for Damian, who dis­cov­ers Disebo isn’t even his col­league and friend’s real name – “Her real name is Bonolo and not only is she too loose and fun-lov­ing to be a pas­tor’s wife, she’s plan­ning on di­vorc­ing Ot­sile and stay­ing here with­out him,” Shoki says. But the pas­tor isn’t about to give up on his mar­riage that eas­ily and we soon find out that con­niv­ing Disebo has more tricks up her sleeve to fool Damian into be­ing on her side, as well as con­vinc­ing her hubby to let them sep­a­rate.

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