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Un­like vamps, witches and other su­per­nat­u­ral beast­ies, were­wolves like each other’s com­pany and fam­ily comes first – in the form of the strict peck­ing or­der of the “pack”. And pack power is im­por­tant! Vam­pire Klaus (Joseph Mor­gan) cre­ated were­wolf hy­brids in sci-fi se­ries The Vam­pire Di­aries (2009- cur­rent, five of its eight sea­sons are on ShowMax cur­rently). The bond that Klaus’s were­wolves formed is so strong that when a per­son changes to a beast, they won’t kill any were­wolves from any other pack. Check out the Fang Fic­tion Col­lec­tion on ShowMax for more were­wolf fun.


There are a num­ber of ways that were­wolves trans­form. There’s the morph into a four-legged furry wolf, like Al­cide Herveaux (Joe Man­ganiello) on True Blood (2008-2014, all seven sea­sons avail­able on ShowMax) or they can go through a more painful, bone-break­ing, claw-grow­ing vi­o­lent trans­for­ma­tion like the four-legged were­wolves on Bit­ten (2014-2016). There’s a some­what shorter trans­for­ma­tion on Teen Wolf, where Scott gets glow­ing eyes and some fa­cial fur and boom, he’s trans­formed into a two-legged wolf-like howler. If you’re look­ing for some­thing more hideous, there’s al­ways the wolf-man look of the Ly­cans in 2003 hor­ror film Un­der­world (also on ShowMax). So gross and painful that you sim­ply can’t look away!


Were­wolves have height­ened senses of sight, hear­ing and smell. So while char­ac­ters like Elena (Laura Van­der­voort) in Bit­ten look like Plain Janes when not in wolf mode, they’re ac­tu­ally able to eaves­drop across a busy res­tau­rant, smell a new foe in town and see for miles! And for the most part, were­wolves are im­mor­tal – in many cases, the only way to kill them is to shoot them through the heart with a sil­ver bul­let. But you’ll have to be im­pos­si­bly quick on the draw to do that.


No mat­ter what side of the line you fall on – good or bad – there’s a wolfie for you to fol­low. There’s a fun fix with nice pups like Prin­ci­pal Shaw­bly in kids’ an­i­ma­tion Mona The Vam­pire (19992003, also avail­able on ShowMax) who hides his trans­for­ma­tion be­cause he doesn’t want to scare the kids. But if howl­ing hor­rors are your thing, there is al­ways Once Upon A Time – its pack calls it­self The Chil­dren Of The Moon and they want to kill sweet Snow White (Gin­nifer Good­win) for the Evil Queen (Lana Par­rilla), who’s promised to free them and put an end to sil­ver min­ing.


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