Star-crossed lovers

Will Amo give up on Kag­iso or will she stay with her love?

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Move over Romeo and Juliet – Amo and Kag­iso (Natasha Tha­hane and Loy­iso Macdonald) are Mzansi’s new star- crossed lovers. Amo’s cop dad Jerry (Shona Fer­gu­son) is in­ves­ti­gat­ing Kag­iso’s king­pin mom Har­riet (Con­nie Fer­gu­son) and while the two were raised in dif­fer­ent worlds, they’re de­ter­mined to prove their love and over­come ob­sta­cles in their path.


De­spite Jerry warn­ing Amo to stay away from the Khozas, the stub­born teen is blinded by love and will do any­thing for Kag­iso. As Natasha ex­plains, “She is naïve. When Amo told her dad in Septem­ber that she plans to be with Kag­iso, Jerry told her to do what she wants but she mustn’t come cry­ing to him when things go wrong.” That threat doesn’t pre­pare Jerry for when his daugh­ter sides with Har­riet and Kag­iso on Tues­day 18 Oc­to­ber – and she claims that Har­riet isn’t a killer de­spite ev­i­dence that Jerry’s col­lected.

Har­riet knows Amo’s weaknesses and ma­nip­u­lates her, ex­plains Natasha. “Har­riet can be nice to Amo and she’ll take the girl shop­ping and tell her nice things and make her feel a ac­cepted, which is all that Amo wants.” But what Amo doesn’t know is that Har­riet’s try­ing to win her over only be­cause she wants Kag­iso home af­ter he turned his back on his fam­ily in Septem­ber for their crim­i­nal ways. As Har­riet tells her brother Kgosi (Sello Maake Ka-Ncube) on Wed­nes­day 19 Oc­to­ber, she’s get­ting Kag­iso back through Amo.


Amo’s will­ing to over­look Kag­iso’s shady fam­ily in or­der to keep him. Har­riet’s un­char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally friendly at­ti­tude makes Amo sus­pi­cious, but Amo is go­ing to turn a blind eye to the Khozas’ drug business be­cause she’s found ac­cep­tance and she has Kag­iso. Adds Natasha, “She knows that there is a web of lies around the fam­ily. Even her dad isn’t be­ing hon­est with Amo.” Worse is still to come on Tues­day 25 Oc­to­ber, be­cause as Natasha says, Amo re­alises that her world is a lie: “Kag­iso’s sis­ter Kea (Di­neo Moeketsi), who was al­ways cold, is sud­denly lov­ing. Jerry isn’t telling her any­thing and seems to know some­thing about the mur­ders in the area. Har­riet is sweet all of a sud­den and Kag­iso is telling Amo halftruths. It’s just lies, lies, lies!”

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