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Doc­tor Mar­lena Evans (Dei­dre Hall) nor­mally fights on the side of the an­gels, so she’s no fan of charm­ingly sar­cas­tic Salem crimelord Vic­tor Kiri­akis (John Anis­ton). But when Vic­tor sets up a meet­ing with Mar­lena on Friday 21 Oc­to­ber, it turns out they have a com­mon enemy: the evil Kris­ten DiMera (Eileen Davidson), who has Vic­tor’s grand­son and Mar­lena’s step­son Brady Black (Eric Mart­solf) wrapped around her twisted lit­tle fin­ger. So Mar­lena is all ears when Vic­tor ad­mits, “I asked you here be­cause I thought you would be a most ex­cel­lent ally. You stick with me, Mar­lena. And be­tween the two of us, Kris­ten won’t have a prayer.”


Dei­dre es­pe­cially loved work­ing with John Anis­ton on this storyline, say­ing that “I did not know how funny he was – and he is flaw­less with his de­liv­ery”. Vic­tor’s plan is sim­ple: to find just one thread in Kris­ten’s web of lies and start pulling un­til it all un­rav­els. And on Mon­day 24 Oc­to­ber, Mar­lena thinks that she’s found that thread when she

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