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Eric ties the knot with Quinn and he later de­mands to know why his fam­ily boy­cotted the wed­ding. Eric col­lapses and is rushed to hospi­tal, and Wy­att ap­proaches Quinn from a new di­rec­tion. St­effy doesn’t know what to make of Wy­att be­ing at Quinn’s side dur­ing Eric’s health scare, which the For­resters are blam­ing them­selves for caus­ing – and they may have done per­ma­nent dam­age, not only to Eric’s health but to the fam­ily too. Eric’s fam­ily have turned on him and it’s go­ing to cause ir­repara­ble dam­age.


Clyde, Or­pheus and Xan­der are still hard at work with their plans to take down Salem, and Abe has a chat to Theo, who’s been left feel­ing un­easy by the city­wide black­out. Fam­ily and friends re­call fond mem­o­ries of Lexie to cheer up Theo, and while Hope thinks that Ai­den should get out of Salem, he has an­other plan up his sleeve. Ai­den re­veals his thoughts on Ste­fano and it’s got some­thing to do with Hope and Rafe, and Deimos is get­ting im­pa­tient wait­ing for the DNA tests that will prove if he is or isn’t Chloe’s baby­daddy.


Billy is search­ing for for­give­ness, and Jack takes the blame for Phyl­lis’s as­sault. Phyl­lis mean­while thinks that there’s still a chance for her mar­riage to Jack but he’s at the end of his tether with her. Hi­lary lends her help to Jack but it blows up in her face, as with Devon when he tries to pay off a jour­nal­ist who’s bad­ger­ing Jack for a story. A tabloid story an­noys Devon and he and Hi­lary team up to buy the gos­sip mag. Mean­while, Neil is search­ing for an­swers, and Vic­tor has a new plan for Newman En­ter­prises, one that Nikki doesn’t agree too. Cane then puts him­self in Vic­tor’s clutches.

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