Fake ba­bies & cold bod­ies

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Ayanda’s at­tempts to make peace be­tween his two moth­ers blow up in his face, and Sman­gele doesn’t re­alise that Ayanda’s be­hav­iour to­wards her in pub­lic is just a smoke­screen to get Sibahle to back off. Sibahle helps Ayanda choose whether to be a Xulu or a Mdlet­she, and Sman­gele is left look­ing the fool when Ayanda van­ishes. A Xulu el­der ad­vises Ayanda to stop fight­ing his na­ture and to em­brace polygamy as part of his Xulu her­itage. Mx­olisi is trapped in a life- or- death sit­u­a­tion with Nokuthula, a killing in Lindiwe and Mx­olisi’s past re­turns to haunt them, and Mondli tries to mend bro­ken fences with Nosipho.


Sman­gele is fu­ri­ous when she re­alises what Ayanda’s done at Home Af­fairs, while Ayanda and Sibahle’s new wed­ding prepa­ra­tions seem cursed. A Xulu el­der sees an­ces­tors ap­pear at Ayanda and Sman­gele’s wed­ding but a miss­ing cow could prove to be an em­bar­rass­ing omen for Sman­gele. Sman­gele goes out of town, be­liev­ing that she has found a so­lu­tion to her preg­nancy is­sues, and Mondli de­cides to ask his wife for a di­vorce in an at­tempt to win back Nosipho, but when Jab­ulile re­turns, Mondli prom­ises to help her strike back at the Xu­lus. Ayanda’s fu­ri­ous when Mx­olisi flirts with Sibahle, and ho­mo­pho­bia among the church el­ders tears Jojo and GC apart.


The church dis­ci­plinary com­mit­tee hauls GC over the coals for “for­ni­ca­tion”, and Mx­olisi wants dou­ble- cross­ing Mondli dead after Bandile agrees to tes­tify against the Xu­lus. Zandile is hor­ri­fied when she finds out who ac­tu­ally might’ve killed her son Nkosi­nathi (for­merly played by Sipho Mh­longo) and gos­sip rages as the cops go dig­ging. Ayanda cheats on Sman­gele with Sibahle and tells her that he loves her, but Sibahle re­fuses to be Ayanda’s mis­tress. Ayanda doesn’t be­lieve Sibahle when she in­sists that Sman­gele isn’t preg­nant. Sman­gele goes miss­ing and Ayanda and Mas­ter­mind find her hold­ing a baby after she “gives birth”, and Nkosi­nathi’s corpse is found.

Nosipho se­duces Of­fi­cer Mondli – for the good of the Xulu fam­ily.

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