Caught out!

Smanga and Namhla’s for­bid­den love af­fair is ex­posed – with ex­plo­sive re­sults.

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Namhla (Thulisile Phon­golo) hasn’t been able to get enough of her boss since pulling Smanga (Moopi Moth­ibeli) into a pas­sion­ate em­brace in Septem­ber, even though he’s the man she ac­cused of sex­ual as­sault in June 2015. And de­spite Smanga’s reser­va­tions, their time be­tween the sheets turns into a full­blown re­la­tion­ship. Namhla is forced to think fast when her fam­ily want to meet her new boyfriend, but she isn’t fast enough for her aunt Getty (An­disiwe Dweba), who busts Namhla and un­leashes her fury on Smanga.


After notic­ing just how pre­oc­cu­pied Namhla is on Mon­day 14 Novem­ber, Lucy (Manaka Ranaka) in­sists on meet­ing the man who’s been keep­ing her daugh­ter so busy, un­aware that it’s the “per­vert” Smanga. But hav­ing to keep their hook-ups un­der wraps is both­er­ing both Smanga and Namhla. Namhla gets Yonke (left) to be her pre­tend boyfriend but it might not be enough. “In a per­fect world, Smanga would wear his heart on his sleeve and pub­licly de­clare their re­la­tion­ship. It tears him to shreds that this isn’t that world,” says Moopi. “Namhla is a vic­tim of his abuse, his em­ployee and con­sid­er­ably younger. He’s a politi­cian and a pub­lic fig­ure.” The ac­tor adds that “as much as Smanga loves her, he un­der­stands that their re­la­tion­ship is a recipe for dis­as­ter. In the wrong hands, this in­for­ma­tion could sink not only his ca­reer but his life”. While the love­birds agree that too much is at risk for them to go pub­lic and that it’s a nec­es­sary evil to keep it se­cret, how long will Namhla be able to keep it from Lucy?


Namhla de­cides to get her mom off her back on Tues­day 15 Novem­ber by ask­ing her col­league Yonke (Khatut­sh­elo Ram­ab­u­lana) to play her boyfriend for the even­ing, but Smanga isn’t sure that it’s a good idea, not least be­cause Yonke al­ready sus­pects the pair’s of­fice ro­mance after notic­ing build­ing ten­sion be­tween them. “Smanga is stunned at the thought. When he asked Namhla to con­trol the ‘Yonke sit­u­a­tion’, the last thing on his mind was for them to pre­tend to be a cou­ple,” says Moopi. “He is fu­ri­ous at her be­cause Yonke is an em­ployee and is now one more loose end they don’t need.” Namhla ar­gues back, say­ing that it’s the only way to quell her fam­ily’s sus­pi­cions and a re­luc­tant Smanga re­alises that he doesn’t have much say at this point.


Getty isn’t buy­ing the cha­rade and on Thurs­day 17 Novem­ber she starts dig­ging for the truth… and when she finds it, it isn’t pretty. “Smanga is hor­ri­fied that this bub­ble of theirs, of which he went through great pains to try pro­tect, has fi­nally burst. He is un­set­tled by the idea that his world is on the verge of col­lapse,” Moopi says of Getty’s at­tack on Smanga at his of­fice on Tues­day 22 Novem­ber. “He has no power dur­ing the con­fronta­tion and does his best not to pro­voke an al­ready volatile sit­u­a­tion.” But what will Getty do now that she knows who Namhla’s se­cret lover is? Tell Lucy? Or what about mak­ing it pub­lic, pos­si­bly ru­in­ing Smanga’s po­lit­i­cal as­pi­ra­tions? “While Smanga is try­ing to keep a calm ex­te­rior for Namhla’s sake, in­side he is dy­ing. There’s no telling what Getty will do now,” teases Moopi.

Getty (right) isn’t play­ing games with Smanga.

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