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Pu­leng is backed into a cor­ner when her crony Tool­kit spills the beans on her se­cret hook-ups with her brotherin-law Themba. Pu­leng’s ri­val Niki is over the moon at Pu­leng’s trou­ble and uses the op­por­tu­nity to cosy up to their hus­band Suffo, who’s try­ing to get to the bot­tom of Pu­leng’s preg­nancy and yet an­other one of his wives sleep­ing with his brother. Aunt Ntombi­zodwa is sum­moned and her and Pu­leng’s lies un­ravel, leav­ing Suffo shat­tered.

Speshil warns Pu­leng that Suf­fo­cate knows Themba was back in town, and Sa­belo is frus­trated by his lit­tle brother Du­misani’s bad be­hav­iour when he and Ma­pula find dagga in Du­misani’s bag. Sa­belo fol­lows Du­misani and dis­cov­ers that he’s sell­ing dagga for Spokes, who Sa­belo then beats up. Em­manuel goes to Fats for help with his rapping but Si­fiso’s not hav­ing it and re­jects the idea. Mean­while, Bongi meets with lawyer Flavia about Doc’s will read­ing but goes against the lawyer’s ad­vice, and Lerato tries to work on Zinzi to in­ter­fere with Doc’s will but Zinzi’s sus­pi­cious of Lerato’s “good” in­ten­tions.


Suffo wants a DNA test per­formed on Pu­leng’s baby but Aunt Ntombi- zodwa in­structs Pu­leng not to get the pa­ter­nity test. Suffo forces his wife Pu­leng to in­vite Themba over to her house, and Ntombi­zodwa gives Pu­leng a warn­ing that can­not be ig­nored. Niki of­fers her hubby a shoul­der to cry on while Suffo deals with his is­sues, and Pu­leng is anx­ious be­cause the baby scan shows the date of con­cep­tion. Suffo then re­alises just how deep Pu­leng’s be­trayal runs.

Bongi stands her ground when it comes to Doc’s will and she re­turns to work, much to Lerato’s dis­plea­sure. Lungile later warns Lerato that he knows what she’s up to with try­ing to sab­o­tage Bongi, and Lerato then plants ideas in Bongi’s head about Zinzi’s re­la­tion­ship with Lungile as he be­comes more im­por­tant and prom­i­nent in Zinzi’s life. Lerato suc­ceeds in driv­ing a wedge be­tween Bongi and her daugh­ter Zinzi, who’re fac­ing a mis­er­able Christ­mas fol­low­ing a fight. Else­where, Reneilwe and Si­fiso are get­ting closer but not for the rea­sons that Si­fiso’s hop­ing for as he bribes her into giv­ing him an­other chance. David gets bad news about his “su­per­nat­u­ral” pow­ers, Niki de­vises a plan to get Pu­leng’s pa­ter­nity re­sults be­fore the ex­pect­ing mother does, and Suffo is spi­ralling out of emo­tional con­trol.


The show wasn’t able to pro­vide episode syn­opses.

Lerato has her hands full deal­ing with her ri­val, while Suffo and Pu­leng’s preg­nancy isn’t a happy one.

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